Apr 12, 2012

Free Teddy Bear Counting Sets 11-20 and Peek At Spring Teddy Bear Unit

We went back to school from Spring Break on Tuesday and it has been so busy at school.  Our first day back we did a lot of wrap up things that we wanted to get off of our to do list and sent home.  We did our March Writing Rubric Writing and did some language arts/math assessments that I wanted to get wrapped up before I started our new Teddy Bear Centers.  The kids kept asking me when we were going to start our bear centers.  I had everything done, just not enough hours in the day.  So we finally started our centers on Wednesday and the kids have been working so hard with these math centers.  Tomorrow we get to do our Build A Teddy Bear Project so I will have to take pictures of those to share with you.  Here are some pictures of just some of our center activities that can be found on our new Art, Literacy, Math, and Center Activities With A Teddy Bear Twist (click on this title to take you directly to TPT).   It is our biggest unit yet because it contains art, literacy, math and center activities.

This center actually came from our Number Sets Composing Numbers Centers.  There are sets for numbers to 0-10 and 11-20.  Click here to take you directly to that link on TPT  Number Sets Composing Numbers.

This student is working on a differentiated activity to adding fluently to 10.

This center activity has the student spinning the spinner and then counting on from that given number.  These spinners contained the number 10 and the teen numbers.

Team members working together to understand how to fluently subtract to 5.

This center has the students using spinners with the numbers 0-9 to help master this adding on from a given number standard.  

Again, these are just a few of the center activities that you will find in this new Teddy Bear Twist Unit. In our unit, we have an activity that is called Teddy Bear Counting Sets 1-10.  We thought we would give you a freebie of what this looks like by giving you the same version, but with sets 11-20.

Let us know if you grab our freebie by leaving us a comment.  I just used it today as an assessment for our last grade card.  The kids had a fun time counting these bear themed objects.
Teddy Bear Counting Sets 11-20 Grayscale


Miss DeCarbo said...

Looks like so much fun with lots of learning happening! :)

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

Mrs. Coe said...

Just love you guys!

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