Apr 30, 2012

Pictures From Earth Day and An Earth Day Freebie Stamp

We wrapped up our Earth Day study last week with an Earth Day stamp project.  The kids chose either reduce, reuse, or recycle to write a sentence about.  Then after the sentence was written, they drew a picture to match what they wrote about.  I then mounted all of our projects on the front and back of our paper.  Here is the final project along with samples and a freebie for you to add to your files.  Leave us a comment if you grab our freebie...hope you had a great Earth Day celebration with your class.
Front of our Earth Day Project.

Back of our Earth Day Project.

I love to help the Earth.  I can reduce water when I am taking a bath.  This one just cracked me up with the picture!!

I am going to save the Earth and pick up cans.

I like the Earth.
I like to help the Earth.  I can recycle glass at home.
We used a different "stamp" pattern, but created a freebie stamp for your students to use for a special project.  ENJOY!!

Earth Day Stamp


School Sparks Renee said...

jWhat a great way to culminate this unit. Thanks for the pictures of your classroom and the kids' work. Renee

Anonymous said...

Your Earth Day papers look great! So colorful :)

Kara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am your newest follower :) Love your Earth Day projects!


Nicole said...

They are such wonderful writers!! We're studying recycling right now - I love that you had them choose one topic and how they can implement it - much less broad than just "save the Earth!" Love it!!
Rowdy in Room 300