May 16, 2012

Kindergarten Scrapbooks Are Done!!!

 SO SWEET!!!!!
I am doing the happy scrapbooks are done!!!  Here are what they ended up looking like this year~  The kids love them and the parents do, too.  Our PTO is soooooo nice and allows us to take our photos to Walgreens for development!!  After I take a picture, we always use it as a writing prompt, so there is a literacy connection too, more than just the memories of kindergarten.  Don't have photoshop on my school computer, so sorry about using the rocks/coins/tape for hiding faces!!  What is the best way to shadow pictures if you don't have photoshop....we would love to hear!!  Well one more thing off of the to do onto the next one for tomorrow!!



Miss Nguyen's Class said...

Where did you get the album from?

Mrs. C said...

Almost made me cry...

applesandabcs said...

That will be something that they can look back on for YEARS!

Apples and ABC's

Mrs. M said...

Amazing! I am sure this took a whole lot of time! You are awesome!!

Color Me Kinder

Busy Bees said...

The album came from Dollar General. There are only $1. I have learned over the years to stay on top of it month by month. I have become smarter too by keeping the templates of what I write on my computer and just changing things as we go. Parent volunteers put the pictures and yellow sheets in for me. Parents say they keep them for high school graduation.

Nicole said...

This is SO sweet - I love it!! At my school we make a DVD for each kid of the pictures throughout the year; it is special but I love how personalized this is!
Rowdy in Room 300

Mrs. Anderson said...

The scrapbooks turned out AWESOME!
I am sure your students and their parents will treasure these forever. I want to do this with my class next year. I am a scrapbooker myself, so I have lots of supplies. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Darlene said...

Can I puhlease be in your class?!?!?! This is the most amazing memory book I've ever seen. I'm so doing this next year.
Thanks for sharing!

Maryann said...

These books are wonderful! What a wonderful way to end the school year!
The one picture of May had the life cycle of the butterfly and the hungry caterpillar - is that from your TPT?
Thanks for the nonsense packet words- we used those everyday with our intervention groups! Will you be planning to more "DIBELS" stuff??
Thanks and take care-

Busy Bees said...

Thanks so much Maryann! The butterfly stuff is from our TPT store. Yes we are working on more DIBELS things over the summer. Thanks so much...keep checking back!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Really Cute!! I really like how you typed the cards to go along with the pictures. I have done albums several times with my first graders but I did not do a good job this year with taking pictures :o(

So, I just did a group picture!!

:o) Kacey

Lisa R. said...

I just absolutely ADORE your scrapbooks!! What an amazing job you did on those. I love them!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lohren Nolan said...

Holy Cow! I love that. Looks so good. What a great memory for them.

Totally Terrific Teaching Tools

Lohren Nolan

megandw said...

These books are so cute!!!!!! I love how there is a mix of individual and class pics w/discriptions of activities. I'm sure the parents and students love these! I send home pics as I take them but I love how you compile them! Thanks for sharing these!
I want to be on top of pic taking next year to do these:)

Ke'Andra said...

Thank you for sharing! Those are beyond cute! Do you have your pirate cover to share? My classroom is pirate themed and I love it!

Busy Bees said...

I have it. I will send it your way as soon as I find it.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your scrapbook - so cute! Next year I want to do a better job at taking pictures.

I use to mask things in my pictures. It is just like Photoshop but online and free. :)

Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten