May 30, 2012

School's Out

School's Out, School's Out, 
The Monkeys Let the Teachers Out! 
I know that Robynn has been showing everything she had finished over the past two weeks and marking them off of her TO DO list.  Well,  today was our last day of school and as of last night I was finally able to mark all end of the year projects off of my list.  (I know, nothing like pushing it as far as possible!)  We had field day this afternoon and ended the day with all students and staff on the front lawn of the school singing Beauty in the World.  It was a nice way to end the year.


Barbara said...

WOW! That's a ton of work. I'm super impressed :)
You deserve a summer holiday!

Grade ONEderful
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Jenn Bates said...

WOW, I am exhausted just reading this post! You did a lot!!! Congrats!
Finally in First

School Sparks Renee said...

What a productive year. It's great to see what your children have accomplished. Congratulations!! Renee

Mrs. Anderson said...

Wow!! What an accomplishment on your part to put all of this together so your little ones have wonderful keepsakes. You deserve a big (HUG) for all you do!!!

abby said...

This looks amazing!!! I am starring this post now and come back to it in the fall! LOVE!


Fran Kramer said...

This is fabulous. I love how you did this with authentic work.

Kelley Dolling said...

Thanks for poppin' in for a visit yesterday - I've been secretly stalking you for a while now :) Your journals are FANTASTIC (note the all caps here . . . I am really digging these)!

Kelley Dolling
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Katie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog; I'm following you now too!!

Wow!! I'm so impressed with the work you did. The journals are awesome. I hope you enjoy your summer break!

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Pam said...

Those portfolios are truly AWESOME! Our school is starting portfolios through the grades next year. Could you do a blog post on how you collect/organize all this "stuff" :) throughout the year?
Thanks so much for sharing all the great pictures!

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