May 23, 2012

Second Grade Helpers Pictures Up Tonight

Only 5 more days left..well 4 if I am at school.  We have been wrapping up things and getting ready for our Kindergarten Graduation which is this Friday.

 I am ALMOST there with finishing up volunteer gifts and graduation items.  Yesterday my son and daughter came in for about an hour to hep out.  They are going to come back in today so that I can finish up my volunteer items!!  So, I PROMISE I will share pictures tonight of what I did for those cute second grade helpers that came down to my room twice a week to help out some of my students. 
I have finished up all of my "graduation" prep.  We still have school on Tuesday and Wednesday, so lots more pictures to come your way.  I need to force myself to write grade card comments the next couple of days!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Be back tonight with pictures!!

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