Jun 24, 2012

More Tips On Guided Writing

It has been one WILD weekend at our house.  It seems like our my to do list does not end!!  Some important things I did get off of the to do list this weekend were: our flights to help our son move to Texas in a couple of weeks, packing, making appointments, and just spending time together before he moves.  Vacation Bible School started tonight and we have our last Leader in Me training tomorrow until August. 

My husband bought new bikes, so we have been going on causal killer bike rides to break in the new bikes.  Our ride Saturday was 20 miles and Mark and the kids went on a ride tonight while I was at VBS which was 31 miles.

Had a couple of questions about my guided writing procedure on the first day of school.  I have the kids bring over a clipboard, 2 pencils, and a journal paper.  Together we brainstorm ideas to write about.  Typically the first day we write a short sentence like:  I like school.  Then we together say the sentence holding up a finger for each word.  Then I use the same exact paper they have on my SMARTBoard.  We sound each sound out together and I model how to make each letter we are writing.  We talk about leaving space.  After our sentence is over, we point to each word and read the sentence together. 

Then our journal paper has space at the top for us to draw a picture.  We discuss what things we might want in the picture.  Then step by step, we draw a picture together.  We might draw a picture of ourselves on the first day.   We first would draw the head at the top, then feeling our own head we discuss what things we need to add on the head(hair, ears, eyes, etc.) Next we move onto our neck, body, etc. and finally ending up with our feet.  Once are feet are done, we put something for us to stand on...it might be carpet or grass. 

After the picture, we label our picture.  I ask the kids who they drew a picture of and they say "me".  So, I give them a choice they can either write the word "me" or write their name above picture.

Once we are done, the kids go back to their seat and use crayons to color in their picture.  I then model for the students how to put this first day of journal writing in their journal binder.  I then call one table at a time to practice this procedure.

I have done guided journal writing this way for over 15 years and it is truly something that I can honestly say that I have never had to change how I teach writing.  The only thing that I have ever changed are the different topics that we write about based upon different things we do, theme changes throughout social studies/science.  BELIEVE ME, it works with all levels of students.

SueBeth and I are currently working on a monthly writing packet that will have the new Common Core Standards.  It will give you samples of writings to do each day during the month according to themes and the different types of writings that we have to do in kindergarten.  Our "new" journal covers should be up for you this week, too.

Tomorrow is our last day of our Leader In Me Training,  so that will free SueBeth and I up on finalizing some of our ideas for this summer.  Let me know if you have any questions on Day 1 of kindergarten journal writing.       


Jennifer Tilton said...

Thank you so much for explaining how to do this. This post was very helpful for me.

Hillary said...

Writing is one area I am trying to get better at for this year. This is so helpful! I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award! Just head over to my blog to accept:


DWord said...

Thank you so much for more information on your guided writing. Writing is one area that I really want to concentrate on more this year and your ideas will be a big help. I can't wait for your Guided Writing packet. Thanks for sharing!!

Greg said...

This is great!!! WOW! How many of the students can write the sentence on the first day? I teach at an inner city school and many of my students can't even write their name on day one. I'm wondering if this will be too much...but i'm definitely going to try! Thanks for journal covers!

I'm also your newest follower! I hope you'll check out my new "manly" kindergarten blog!

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Nicole said...

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