Jul 27, 2012

Birthday Going Bananas Done, New Units Soooooon, and Last Day For Julie's 30 Giveaway

Decided to wrap up my Bunch of Birthdays and Born To Be Wild birthday "stuff" for this year's Jungle Theme.  Posted these birthday certificates and signs as freebies last week on a post.  Here is what I did...

This is the final "product".

Going to put this at their seat in the morning where they sit.  Then at the end of the day, they can take home the pencil and birthday certificate.  I keep the clear picture frame for the next student's birthday.  Clear frame from Dollar General and clear 3M hooks from Staples to hold the pencil.

Finished bucket that holds the birthday stuff.  Used hot glue gun to hold the ribbon.  Used vinyl to cut 1 inch circles with my Cricut.  Used Basic George Shapes Cricut Cartridge for the circles.

Banana flavored monkey pencils...sorry for the blurry pic!

Crazy straws from Dollar Tree.

Putting the stuff inside the bags.

Cute monkey bags I found at Party Store.  No ribbon tying because of the handle provided.  Work smarter, not harder~

Found these monkey fruit snacks cheap last week at Meijer.
So, inside the bag is a monkey fruit snack and a crazy straw.  Thought ribbon around the bag might look cuter but my daughter reminded me that a 5/6 year old is going to rip that bag open and grab the "stuff" and said mom it's not worth it.  They need to just grab the handle!  Sometimes it's worth listening to someone reminding you WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!!

Between working in my room, trying to wrap up some math stuff for our district 2 day new standards curriculum next week, and spending time with my family, SueBeth and I have been trying to work on some new units that should be posted sooooooooon.  

One is my Jungle Homework Packet that has turned out very easy!  Another unit is a 2-D Shape Unit that meets most of the new math standards for 2-D Shapes and a Skill Ring Packet which serves as an easy homework tool for parents.  Keeping my fingers crossed that some of them might get posted today!  Pictures then will come sooooooon!! 

Don't forget that today is the last day to take part in Julie Lee's 30 Birthday Giveaway.  We are part of this awesome giveaway.  Head over and sign up to win 30 great units.  Click here Julie Lee's Giveaway to head over to get signed up for this giveaway:

Up next...Getting things ready for Parent Packets for our kindergarten screening starting August 22.  Gotta dig though my files and see if I want to update/create new things.  What do you do for your parent packets for Kindergarten?  Trying to think off the top of my head of what we send home with parents...Volunteer Note, Student Information, Homework Information, Snack note, etc.

Jul 26, 2012

Cricut Letters, Math Pacing, and TPT Sale Continues

Here's The Buzz

Lots of questions yesterday about my bulletin board letters.  I used my Cricut machine to create them.  I used the Alphalicious cartridge. This is an older cartridge, so you probably could find it for a cheap price!  It's one of my favorite fonts for creating "layered" letters.  I used "Jungle Print" scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby of course 50% off and just regular black cardstock from Hobby Lobby which was on sale, too.  To glue them, I just used a gluestick and then I did laminate them because they will be up all year long!!

I didn't get much done in my class yesterday.  I worked on finishing up my birthday bags and container.  I will post pictures later today about that because I need to buy 2 more things to wrap it up.

In the morning I did a presentation on using ipads/ipods in my classroom.  Then I headed to school where SueBeth and I worked HARD on creating math checklists that are going to match the 11 Math Common Core Standards that we have chosen to assess this school year.  These will be used by the teacher to keep track of the standards that will be assessed on the grade card. 

Now my job for today(Thursday) or tomorrow(Friday) is to wrap up the assessments that we are going to use for these 11 standards.  I am getting closer.  We are creating 3 assessments for each of those 11 standards for the teachers to use.

Then we are creating a pretest/post test with these 11 standards on them.  The pretest will be given at screening and the post test will be done towards the end of the year.  There are only 11 things on this assessment and tried to create it as EASY as it could be!!

I have been asked to share our pacing schedule for math this year.  The first 9 weeks of school we will work on counting objects to 20, counting objects and writing numbers 0-10 to match those items, and identifying 2-D shapes.  We have a math schedule set up, but I will check next week to make sure that it is something that I can share since it is for our district.  Our district has a team of teachers that have been meeting throughout this summer to do all of the above mentioned in math, but for each subject area.  They meet next week August 1 and 2 to wrap up things.  I don't think it will be a problem!!

Don't forget about our TPT sale going on right now.  I am aware that there were some problems yesterday with TPT.  Our sale includes everything in our store, so head on over to fill your cart.  Here is the direct link to our store:  TPT Store.  It's a 20% off of everything sale!!  The sale will end July 26 at midnight Ohio time.

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Jul 25, 2012

2 out of 3 Bulletin Boards Done, 30 Item Giveaway Continues, and TPT Sale Continues

Monday I went into school to finish up my first bulletin board that I had finished. The teacher's store had called me and said that the boarder that I had ordered was finally in. So, I picked up the boarder, put it on the bulletin board, and headed back home to work on another project. 

 Next up on the list is putting the Jungle paper on our Class Mission Statement.  We will do our statement together the first day of school, but the decorating for the most part will be done soon!!

Last bulletin board to finish outside of my classroom!  Still have 2 ideas of what I want to do with this area, so I need to work it down to 1 idea!!

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Both of the SMARTBoard Calendar Activities are on sale for $4.00 each right now:
2012-2013 Calendar SMARTBoard Activities for Grades K-1
2012-2013 Calendar SMARTBoard Activities for Grades 1st-3rd

August Math Journal on sale for $1.60
September Math Journal on sale for $1.60
September Journal Topics For Kindergarten Guided Journal Writing on sale for $1.20
September Word List and Word Wall Cards on sale for $0.80

Jul 23, 2012

Free Jungle Birthday Certificates and Christmas In July TPT Sale

Going into school on Monday to wrap up what I will be doing for my Jungle Theme Birthday treats. I made up some birthday certificates, some birthday "signs" that I am going to use for the container. I will post pictures soon of what I create. I made 4 different things for you to download. I am using the smaller version to place on the baggie of what I give them for their birthday. This certificate has a circle where I will put 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. based upon their age. The other 2 are "signs which you could also use and put at their seat for the day. Ya never know what I might create!! A Bunch of Birthdays

We are having a Christmas In July Sale, so head on over to our TPT Store.  Everything in our store is 20% off.  Our sale starts July 22 and ends at midnight Ohio time on Thursday, July 26.  

We just posted some fun new things.  A set of 2-D (flat) shape posters was just posted today for $1.00 along with our August Math Journal just for $2.00.  The August Math Journal completes our 12th Math Journal that contains the new common core math standards.  Hope you can find some good deals for your classroom!

Jul 22, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, It's Our TPT Christmas In July Sale

We are having a Christmas In July Sale, so head on over to our TPT Store.  Everything in our store is 20% off.  Our sale starts July 22 and ends at midnight Ohio time on Thursday, July 26.  

We just posted some fun new things.  A set of 2-D (flat) shape posters was just posted today for $1.00 along with our August Math Journal just for $2.00.  The August Math Journal completes our 12th Math Journal that contains the new common core math standards.  Hope you can find some good deals for your classroom!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter helped me complete my 2nd bulletin board outside of my classroom Saturday.  This leaves me one small bulletin board outside of my room to wrap things up on the outside of my room.  Yeeeeeeeeee-haw!!  

I use labels to put kids' names on the monkeys so that they always hang their work in the same spot.

Hoping the vine stays up, but with the humidity it might be all on the floor tomorrow!

Going to wrap up that last small bulletin board on the outside of my room on Monday so that it is finished out in the hallway.  Again, not too much to do on the inside of my room.  I made a lot of new stuff last year and bought a bunch of new stuff.  Just adding some "Jungle fluff", cleaning up, and organizing for the first week.  We don't start school until August 22, so we have a little time yet.  

Jul 21, 2012

Cricut Jungle Print Pennant Done and Other Projects

 Things Are Getting Done and I Am Having Fun
Decided I was going to work about an hour a day for the next couple of days to wrap up some new things that I wanted to make this year in my Jungle Themed classroom.  I don't want to change everything because it's too expensive.  I have 3 bulletin boards outside of my classroom, I have 1 almost done, and just started on the second one which leaves a small one for me to wrap up this weekend.
I have a Cricut, so I purchased their new cartridge called Pretty Pennants.  I love this Cartridge.  All I did was purchase Scrapbook Paper from Hobby Lobby which was of course 50% off this week.  I decided I was going to use the words MONKEY BUSINESS above the bulletin board where I hang their artwork/projects.  It did not take me long at all to make the pennant.  After I added my layers, I laminated it so that I could keep it longer.  Here is a peek at what my pennants look like so far.  I am not done yet, but plan on wrapping it up and hanging it up real soon.  I will post a picture of the finished board.  You can purchase Cricut cartridges at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and various stores on the internet.  I have ordered from Cutstom Crops and Cutncrops and love these online stores.  Finding Cartridges on Ebay is another great way, too.  Just make sure the person has the "gold" badge by their name meaning they are a Top Rated Seller.  You can find them cheap there and they come right to your door in a couple of days.  I plan on using this cartridge to have the students work on individual banners/pennants, some social studies/science projects/etc.  The projects are endless!!  BUT THE BEST THING is that you can use a 12x24 size mat and make larger banners/pennants if you want!!

Purple lettering will match the purple electric tape I used on the board.  The cheetah print boarder will match the bulletin board boarder that I put up on the board.  Thought black matched the cheetah print better.

Here is the bulletin board that I am working on.  This picture is from last year.  I have taken down everything from the board.  I have added Bright Lime Green Material and Purple electric tape to make the grids on the bulletin board.

Electric tape comes in various colors and is not as "thick" as bulletin board boarder.  I do put bulletin board boarder around the metal edge once the project is done.  I plan on putting a palm tree, monkeys, vines, and my pennants on this area.  To designate the kids' names I am going to either put them on bananas/bunches of bananas or small monkeys that I have purchased.  Then to top it off I will put my MONKEY BUSINESS pennant.

I am almost done with my Where Are We and What Do We Have Today project.  I spray painted the clothespins last night.  So, I just have to hang it up and add my jungle ribbon.  I will take a final pictures for you for this projects, too.  I laminated, then after I laminated I added Jungle Duct Tape so that it would be more durable and of course CUTER!!!  
Check out the jungle duct tape that I used on the edges and clothespins!  NO MODGE PODGE, got 4 clothes pins out of each piece I cut.  Work smarter...not harder.  Duct tape comes in tons of designs and it is on sale right now at STAPLES...just saw that yesterday when I was buying my daughter a folder for college.

SueBeth will get a chuckle out of this one.  I have to finish up lots of these projects and other projects today because my cleaning lady is coming on Monday and I have got to "clean up" for her to come.  So lots of things to finish up today for school that I have got to get off of the kitchen table!!

You will have to check back because my next post is going to show a great way to use vinyl lettering another way for fun center projects!!

Jul 19, 2012

Starting My School To Do List and Checking Things Off

We had a wonderful time in Texas with our son.  It was definitely hard to say goodbye to him, but he will be home soon.  He gets to come home in August for  a week for training in Columbus, a weekend in November for a wedding, and Christmas.  So, I am feeling good about those days!!  We did not get home until early Wednesday morning.  For some reason instead of being really tired, I found myself full of energy.  
I picked up the dog, unpacked, got a haircut/highlight, went grocery shopping, and found time to get some school things off of my to do list or at least hoping to be off of my to do list this week.  
Here are some of the things school related that I worked on today.

Copied and laminated 6 of these to put at my writing center.

These are my workmats(name tags at tables) that I copied/glued the above popcorn words to the back, and laminated.

Copied and laminated my September word list.

Copied/laminated/cut apart word cards to use on my September Word wall along with popcorn words.

Copied, ran 30 sets of my September Math Journals.  They are also stapled and stored for the first week of school.

Sample page from September Math Journal.

Started, but did not finish my Where Are We and What Do We Have Today board.  Plan to post pictures on this soon as it is finished.
The September Math Journals are up on our TPT store.  Just click on these words September Math Journals to take a peek of this Math Journal.  It is 20 journals for just $2.00.  It literally took me less than 20 minutes to copy and staple 30 sets of these.  Each month contains Math Concepts from the NEW KINDERGARTEN COMMON CORE STANDARDS.   I am really hoping that I don't have that many kids, but I always like extras.

Our September Word Wall and Word List is something new we are doing this year.  It is up and ready to go our our TPT store for just $1.00.  Check it out by clicking here:  September Word Wall and Word List.

We designed something new this year to help with with Monthly Journal topics for guided journal writing and independent journals for each day of the year.  These topics will hit the new WRITING STANDARDS and integrate writing throughout the different content areas.  Check out this new monthly unit by click here:  September Journal Topics For Kindergarten.  You can grab this set for only $1.50.

Check back with some freebies coming soon on Flat Shapes(2-D) and Numeration items.  

Jul 17, 2012

Books, Books, Books

Wow!  It has been a great first two days at the Mazza Summer Institute.  I've heard a lot of great talks and bought a lot of books to be autographed.

Carmen Bernier-Grand and Dan Yaccarino talked yesterday.  Carmen, originally from Puerto Rico does lots of books in both Spanish and English.  She said that this was her first conference key note that she presented in English and as she was planning for it she realized that she was actually thinking in English ... just with a little Spanish accent.  

Dan talked lots about his books and other projects.  Besides writing and illustrating several books, he has developed the characters for the animated show about Oswald the Octopus and all of the characters for the tv show the Backyardigans.  

This morning Janet Stevens and her sister Susan Stevens Crummel did a two hour presentation on their books.  After a tag team talk, Janet did some drawing while Susan gave lots of ideas on how to use their books across the curriculum.  

This afternoon, Boris Kulikov, originally from Russia, shared about his life and the process he uses to make his illustrations.  

I am introducing Mary Higgins Clark tomorrow and still need to write the introduction!  Guess I better go get started.  

Hope everyone is having a good week with whatever you have going on.  Robynn returns from vacation tonight and will be back to reality (with a little jet lag) tomorrow.

Jul 15, 2012

Mazza Summer Institute

Tomorrow is the first day of the Mazza Summer Institute here in good old Findlay, Ohio.  It is a week long conference that features, honors, and highlights children's book authors and illustrators.  This year the key note speakers will be Janet Stevens, Susan Stevens Crummel, Carmen Bernier-Grand, Daniel Yaccarino, Boris Kulikov, Florence and Wendell Minor, Mary Higgins Clark, Loreen Leedy, David Diaz, Peter McCarty, and Bruce Degen.  The conference is always a fun filled week with participants from across the country.  If you haven't ever heard of the Mazza Museum, take a look at this link.  The museum is a one of a kind spot that has thousands of original work by illustrators of children's books.  For those of you not coming this year, you might want to consider it another time.

Jul 13, 2012

It's the Weekend!

I heard from Robynn and she and her family have all made it to Texas and have gotten Jacob settled into his new place.  They rented a boat for the day and were planning on spending 8 hours out in the sun!  Hopefully they all had plenty of sun screen.

After working at school all day, moving things from my old classroom into my new, I am up at the cottage ready for a little rest and fun in the sun too.

Last night we got five new things posted onto TPT.  We have a book that introduces and reinforces the seven habits of effective people.  Even though they (the seven habits) were originally meant for businesses they have become part of the Leader in Me program that our school is participating in.  The best part is that these are seven habits that everyone (kindergarten - adult) who uses them will have the chance to be happier, more responsible, and more respectful.  Isn't that what we all want from ourselves and our students?!?  We also have posters to go along with them too.

Our first three back to school items are a math journal for September, guided writing topics, and word cards to go with our September word list.  We will put our word list on here in a few days.  I have to wait until Robynn gets back in town and looks up our SCRIBd password.  When we had to turn in our school computers to have them re-imaged, everything I had as a direct link was erased.  YIKES!

Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the weekend!

Jul 10, 2012

Jungle Theme Homework Booklet Almost Done and Texas Here We Come!!

Talked with my hubby last night and he said that they were 2 hours away from Jacob's apartment.  That means since Sunday morning they have driven 28 hours.  Mark said he didn't think I would have been the best traveler for 30 hours, so we are all glad that the rest of us are flying out!!

Since my house was clean from packing our son, I decided to head into school with my daughter.  We are almost finished with my "Jungle Themed" bulletin boards out in the hallway.  Just waiting for my zebra border to arrive.  I have also been working on finalizing my math assessments that we will be using for our report cards this year.  Also working on a 2-D (FLAT) Shape Unit that I will be using the first 9 weeks of school along with some counting things.

My Jungle Parent Communication Homework Booklet is almost finished.  Got the covers done today, labels printed, just need to make a "sample" for you all to see!!

Here is the cover I will be using for my Home/School Communication Folders.

LOTS OF PICTURES should be coming soon.  I have soooooo many projects that are almost finished that I can't wait to share with you.

Well, TEXAS here we come!!

Jul 7, 2012

Texas Here We Come...Sniff, Sniff

Well, instead of blogging I should be up cleaning my house, packing, etc.  We have family and friends coming over around 5 to "Celebrate" my son heading to Texas in the morning.  Notice I said "Celebrate" not Going Away Party.  My daughter and I have been busy making food for tonight, trying to clean the house, and of course trying to help my son get packed.  He picks up his moving van today at 10, so from that point on it will be CRAZY!! 

Of course, Jordan has been making truffla flowers and banners.  I will have to share pictures of that tomorrow.  I told her she was officially drafted to make those flowers with a jungle theme when we return for my classroom.
My husband probably worked 80 hours this past week with the storm we had, so I know he is ready for a vacation.  I am not for certain that a 30 hour drive in a moving van is the way to start out a vacation, but they will have lots of stories to tell.  The rest of us are flying out next week to start the apartment decorating.  They will be pulling out tomorrow morning for a 30 hour drive to El Paso. 

Ok, here is my question for you Texas bloggers or people who have been to Texas... what is there to do around the area? My daughter found a state park where we are going to stay and rent a boat for a couple of days I think it is actually in New Mexico.  Any other suggestions?!?!

Well, the day that I have been thinking will never happen is getting so much closer!  (SNIFF, SNIFF) I am trying to hold it together, but it is getting harder knowing that he will be so far away!!

Well, off to start the to do list and I need to get up before my husband gets back home and finds me on the computer!!  Ha, ha~

Jul 4, 2012

RTI Ideas For Kindergarten

Happy to report that our power has been restored.  We have tv and internet so everyone is happy. 
Since our son is moving to Texas REAL soon, I have been cleaning out a lot of things in our house.  Some of the things I came across were different things that we have done or ideas that I have collected for kindergarten RTI time.  Sometimes we have used DIBELS scores and have grouped the kids according to their scores between the 3 kindergarten classrooms.  We worked heavy on Dibels components during these group times. 

Our reading teachers and special ed teachers are also a part of this team.  At the beginning of the year, I would love to see our most at risk kids get pulled for RTI time every day to work on those beginning reading/writing skills.  Most of these kids need intense name writing, name identification, and letter recognition/sounds.  I think I like this this best at the beginning of the year because those kids need intense intervention to get on the right track.  These kids typically are the same kids that I sent to reading intervention time, so they are getting double dipped which is what they need. 
How does your classroom/school handle RTI?  Would be interested in knowing what you do!!

Jul 3, 2012

Posting At Panera

We had a bad storm come through our area last Friday afternoon and unfortunately thousands of people are without power.  Without power it also means no internet, no tv, etc.  The good thing is that everyone is ok.  SueBeth just got hers back on yesterday.  We live out in the country, so I am hoping it will be REAL SOON!!  They are hoping to have 90% back up by July 7. 

Without internet it means I can't blog, Pinterest, etc.  This kind of a disaster kind of shows us how addicted we are to the internet!!

However, with our son leaving soon for Texas, we have got a lot of packing and cleaning done these last few days.  My husband is a supervisor for the state and has been putting in TONS of hours lately trying to help with the tree pick up.  They still say we did not have a tornado, but we had over 85 MPH winds.  We lost trees, but we feel fortunate that nothing happened to the house or anybody!!

I have had a few questions about guided writing.  Several of my kids come in that first day of school too knowing few letters/sounds, but I still do this type of guided writing with everyone.  I feel it is great modeling for handwriting, segmenting, and sentence structure.  It is also great for helping kids with the popcorn words I like since those words are what I typically start the sentences out with at the very beginning of school.  The modeled picture drawing is another great writing time with the students because it helps TONS with fine motor.  It also helps with students understanding the developmental process of drawing pictures of people.  Many kids draw the head and have arms/legs sticking out of the head.  Once we practice for a month how to draw a person, it is truly amazing how improved their fine motor and pictures are in just a short amount of time.  With the storm we have been a little behind creating our August/September Writing Packet, but I PROMISE it will be real soon and REAL EASY!!

Well, just finished paying my bills and now going to start working on some of my to do things for school.  My daughter is taking 15 hours of online classes this summer, so I am thinking that we might be at Panera for awhile!!

Please keep our community in your thoughts and prayers as we make it through this tough time~