Jul 25, 2012

2 out of 3 Bulletin Boards Done, 30 Item Giveaway Continues, and TPT Sale Continues

Monday I went into school to finish up my first bulletin board that I had finished. The teacher's store had called me and said that the boarder that I had ordered was finally in. So, I picked up the boarder, put it on the bulletin board, and headed back home to work on another project. 

 Next up on the list is putting the Jungle paper on our Class Mission Statement.  We will do our statement together the first day of school, but the decorating for the most part will be done soon!!

Last bulletin board to finish outside of my classroom!  Still have 2 ideas of what I want to do with this area, so I need to work it down to 1 idea!!

Don't forget about Julie Lee's AWESOME giveaway!!  Click here Julie Lee's Giveaway to head over to get signed up for this giveaway:

We are having a Christmas In July Sale in our TPT store.  EVERYTHING in our store is 20% off through Thursday, July 26 at midnight OHIO TIME.  Many new items to check out:

Both of the SMARTBoard Calendar Activities are on sale for $4.00 each right now:
2012-2013 Calendar SMARTBoard Activities for Grades K-1
2012-2013 Calendar SMARTBoard Activities for Grades 1st-3rd

August Math Journal on sale for $1.60
September Math Journal on sale for $1.60
September Journal Topics For Kindergarten Guided Journal Writing on sale for $1.20
September Word List and Word Wall Cards on sale for $0.80


Katie said...

Your bulletin boards look great! I'm jealous of everyone already getting into their classrooms :/

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Mrs. Anderson said...

I love your "Wild About Kindergarten" letters. How did you make them????

Mrs. Shepherd said...

Love your Wild About Kindergarten Letters! They really stand out. When do you go back to school? I've also been hard at work in my classroom. You can check out my 4th grade class here http://ericashep.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-peek-into-my-classroom.html#comment-form

Ziggyfriends said...

I'm waiting on the same border right now! I'm using it on all of my boards this year. Our whole school is "Wild" and our K5 is all zebra.
And I'm so wanting your Wild About Kindergarten title. That's what we keep on our bulletin boards all year! We just change out the last word. "We're Wild About ... Fall, Winter, Time, etc." How did you do it? I've saved your pictures for inspiration.
What a lucky morning, I just got the perfect wild toolbox labels from Little Warriors and a great ispiration from you!

Donna W.

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I love your letters! Where did you get them or did you make them? I would love to have some too!


Sarabeth said...

darling!! i'd love to know how you made your letters!!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love your Kindergarten letters!! They look great!


Tammy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I love your bulletin boards. Your kinders will love them. I am your newest follower.

Katie Lawson said...

I love your letters too! PLEASE tell us, did you buy or make??? Looks fabulous!

Jennifer Tilton said...

Those letters are beautiful! You did a great job on your boards!