Jul 27, 2012

Birthday Going Bananas Done, New Units Soooooon, and Last Day For Julie's 30 Giveaway

Decided to wrap up my Bunch of Birthdays and Born To Be Wild birthday "stuff" for this year's Jungle Theme.  Posted these birthday certificates and signs as freebies last week on a post.  Here is what I did...

This is the final "product".

Going to put this at their seat in the morning where they sit.  Then at the end of the day, they can take home the pencil and birthday certificate.  I keep the clear picture frame for the next student's birthday.  Clear frame from Dollar General and clear 3M hooks from Staples to hold the pencil.

Finished bucket that holds the birthday stuff.  Used hot glue gun to hold the ribbon.  Used vinyl to cut 1 inch circles with my Cricut.  Used Basic George Shapes Cricut Cartridge for the circles.

Banana flavored monkey pencils...sorry for the blurry pic!

Crazy straws from Dollar Tree.

Putting the stuff inside the bags.

Cute monkey bags I found at Party Store.  No ribbon tying because of the handle provided.  Work smarter, not harder~

Found these monkey fruit snacks cheap last week at Meijer.
So, inside the bag is a monkey fruit snack and a crazy straw.  Thought ribbon around the bag might look cuter but my daughter reminded me that a 5/6 year old is going to rip that bag open and grab the "stuff" and said mom it's not worth it.  They need to just grab the handle!  Sometimes it's worth listening to someone reminding you WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!!

Between working in my room, trying to wrap up some math stuff for our district 2 day new standards curriculum next week, and spending time with my family, SueBeth and I have been trying to work on some new units that should be posted sooooooooon.  

One is my Jungle Homework Packet that has turned out very easy!  Another unit is a 2-D Shape Unit that meets most of the new math standards for 2-D Shapes and a Skill Ring Packet which serves as an easy homework tool for parents.  Keeping my fingers crossed that some of them might get posted today!  Pictures then will come sooooooon!! 

Don't forget that today is the last day to take part in Julie Lee's 30 Birthday Giveaway.  We are part of this awesome giveaway.  Head over and sign up to win 30 great units.  Click here Julie Lee's Giveaway to head over to get signed up for this giveaway:

Up next...Getting things ready for Parent Packets for our kindergarten screening starting August 22.  Gotta dig though my files and see if I want to update/create new things.  What do you do for your parent packets for Kindergarten?  Trying to think off the top of my head of what we send home with parents...Volunteer Note, Student Information, Homework Information, Snack note, etc.


catherine said...

Fabulous, just simply fabulous. Who wouldn't want to get that on their birthday! Thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration.

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Lisa R. said...

I am in love with your birthday bucket!!! What a great idea! It is so cute. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jillian Martin said...

I love your birthday treats!! And it's awesome that they coordinate with your room!


Heather said...

I love the birthday bucket idea! I have it on my to do list. Super cute! Thanks for buzzing by my blog. I'm now following you too!

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