Jul 26, 2012

Cricut Letters, Math Pacing, and TPT Sale Continues

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Lots of questions yesterday about my bulletin board letters.  I used my Cricut machine to create them.  I used the Alphalicious cartridge. This is an older cartridge, so you probably could find it for a cheap price!  It's one of my favorite fonts for creating "layered" letters.  I used "Jungle Print" scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby of course 50% off and just regular black cardstock from Hobby Lobby which was on sale, too.  To glue them, I just used a gluestick and then I did laminate them because they will be up all year long!!

I didn't get much done in my class yesterday.  I worked on finishing up my birthday bags and container.  I will post pictures later today about that because I need to buy 2 more things to wrap it up.

In the morning I did a presentation on using ipads/ipods in my classroom.  Then I headed to school where SueBeth and I worked HARD on creating math checklists that are going to match the 11 Math Common Core Standards that we have chosen to assess this school year.  These will be used by the teacher to keep track of the standards that will be assessed on the grade card. 

Now my job for today(Thursday) or tomorrow(Friday) is to wrap up the assessments that we are going to use for these 11 standards.  I am getting closer.  We are creating 3 assessments for each of those 11 standards for the teachers to use.

Then we are creating a pretest/post test with these 11 standards on them.  The pretest will be given at screening and the post test will be done towards the end of the year.  There are only 11 things on this assessment and tried to create it as EASY as it could be!!

I have been asked to share our pacing schedule for math this year.  The first 9 weeks of school we will work on counting objects to 20, counting objects and writing numbers 0-10 to match those items, and identifying 2-D shapes.  We have a math schedule set up, but I will check next week to make sure that it is something that I can share since it is for our district.  Our district has a team of teachers that have been meeting throughout this summer to do all of the above mentioned in math, but for each subject area.  They meet next week August 1 and 2 to wrap up things.  I don't think it will be a problem!!

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