Jul 22, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, It's Our TPT Christmas In July Sale

We are having a Christmas In July Sale, so head on over to our TPT Store.  Everything in our store is 20% off.  Our sale starts July 22 and ends at midnight Ohio time on Thursday, July 26.  

We just posted some fun new things.  A set of 2-D (flat) shape posters was just posted today for $1.00 along with our August Math Journal just for $2.00.  The August Math Journal completes our 12th Math Journal that contains the new common core math standards.  Hope you can find some good deals for your classroom!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my daughter helped me complete my 2nd bulletin board outside of my classroom Saturday.  This leaves me one small bulletin board outside of my room to wrap things up on the outside of my room.  Yeeeeeeeeee-haw!!  

I use labels to put kids' names on the monkeys so that they always hang their work in the same spot.

Hoping the vine stays up, but with the humidity it might be all on the floor tomorrow!

Going to wrap up that last small bulletin board on the outside of my room on Monday so that it is finished out in the hallway.  Again, not too much to do on the inside of my room.  I made a lot of new stuff last year and bought a bunch of new stuff.  Just adding some "Jungle fluff", cleaning up, and organizing for the first week.  We don't start school until August 22, so we have a little time yet.  


Ms. Kerri said...

Your bulletin board looks awesome! I love it!
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Mona said...

Your monkeys are so cute! This gets me excited to get busy in my classroom. I start school on August 20th. It gets so busy once we are back, so I think it's a great time to begin doing a few things.

First Grade Schoolhouse

Marlana said...

Your bulletin board is so cute! I'm headed over to do some shopping! I love your products and I love just about anything that's on sale!

Lil' Country Kindergarten
Kindergarten Network

Rose said...

Love your bulletin boards.

"The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

Amanda said...

Wow that turned out really adorable! I love the vine and I hope it stayed up! I really wish I was that good at making bulletin boards.

Reaching for the TOP!

Mrs. C said...

Looks so cute!

Amanda said...

Wow, your bulletin board looks amazing. Can you and daughter come help me?!? Love it!
The Teaching Thief

Buggy In Kindergarten said...

I adore your bulletin board! Super cute!

Lenore said...

You are so lucky! My school is not very teacher-friendly and we can't get into our rooms all summer long. We can go back when our secretary returns though there is a janitor there. We get a whole six days to set up.

catherine said...

Your bulletin board turned out so cute! Love, love, love the background paper.

Your newest follower,
Kinder Cuties

Mrs. Cockrell said...

LOVE your bulletin board and especially the pennant! I MUST buy that cartridge! I only have 2 cartridges, and I really need a good font one for printing vinyl letters--any recommendations?? Thanks for the recs on where to buy cartridges online, too. I'm a Cricut newbie!

LOVE your blog. I am your newest follower. :)

Oh, P.S. On my blog you mentioned your son is off to TX for a job! That's a long way away. :( But I do love Ohio. I have relatives there, and it's beautiful. Here in the Dallas area it's just flat land and strip malls, LOL.

-Mrs. C.
Teach On.