Jul 13, 2012

It's the Weekend!

I heard from Robynn and she and her family have all made it to Texas and have gotten Jacob settled into his new place.  They rented a boat for the day and were planning on spending 8 hours out in the sun!  Hopefully they all had plenty of sun screen.

After working at school all day, moving things from my old classroom into my new, I am up at the cottage ready for a little rest and fun in the sun too.

Last night we got five new things posted onto TPT.  We have a book that introduces and reinforces the seven habits of effective people.  Even though they (the seven habits) were originally meant for businesses they have become part of the Leader in Me program that our school is participating in.  The best part is that these are seven habits that everyone (kindergarten - adult) who uses them will have the chance to be happier, more responsible, and more respectful.  Isn't that what we all want from ourselves and our students?!?  We also have posters to go along with them too.

Our first three back to school items are a math journal for September, guided writing topics, and word cards to go with our September word list.  We will put our word list on here in a few days.  I have to wait until Robynn gets back in town and looks up our SCRIBd password.  When we had to turn in our school computers to have them re-imaged, everything I had as a direct link was erased.  YIKES!

Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the weekend!

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