Jul 10, 2012

Jungle Theme Homework Booklet Almost Done and Texas Here We Come!!

Talked with my hubby last night and he said that they were 2 hours away from Jacob's apartment.  That means since Sunday morning they have driven 28 hours.  Mark said he didn't think I would have been the best traveler for 30 hours, so we are all glad that the rest of us are flying out!!

Since my house was clean from packing our son, I decided to head into school with my daughter.  We are almost finished with my "Jungle Themed" bulletin boards out in the hallway.  Just waiting for my zebra border to arrive.  I have also been working on finalizing my math assessments that we will be using for our report cards this year.  Also working on a 2-D (FLAT) Shape Unit that I will be using the first 9 weeks of school along with some counting things.

My Jungle Parent Communication Homework Booklet is almost finished.  Got the covers done today, labels printed, just need to make a "sample" for you all to see!!

Here is the cover I will be using for my Home/School Communication Folders.

LOTS OF PICTURES should be coming soon.  I have soooooo many projects that are almost finished that I can't wait to share with you.

Well, TEXAS here we come!!


Amanda said...

What a cute folder cover! I love WILD - very catchy. Welcome to Texas!!

The Teaching Thief

Karyn said...

That cover is SO adorable!!! I bet your room looks fantastic! Safe travels to Texas! I'm sure it will be a mix of happy and sad emotions for all of you.

Beadboard said...

What? Say again? Your house is CLEAN from packing your son? OEMGEE don't let my husband read this! ...so you went to school to work, & have been working on projects to post. PUt me in the grave. I"m dead. I can't do this anymore....I"m just outta my league! LOL....I'm happy for you that you are so productive. My prayers going out to you...this is such a big step for everyone with his big move. Love your wild stuff. Keep up the great work!

Lisa R. said...

That cover is so adorable. My friend has a jungle theme & I'm going to send her this way!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

School Sparks Renee said...

So cute! I can tell you're getting excited for another school year. Renee