Jul 7, 2012

Texas Here We Come...Sniff, Sniff

Well, instead of blogging I should be up cleaning my house, packing, etc.  We have family and friends coming over around 5 to "Celebrate" my son heading to Texas in the morning.  Notice I said "Celebrate" not Going Away Party.  My daughter and I have been busy making food for tonight, trying to clean the house, and of course trying to help my son get packed.  He picks up his moving van today at 10, so from that point on it will be CRAZY!! 

Of course, Jordan has been making truffla flowers and banners.  I will have to share pictures of that tomorrow.  I told her she was officially drafted to make those flowers with a jungle theme when we return for my classroom.
My husband probably worked 80 hours this past week with the storm we had, so I know he is ready for a vacation.  I am not for certain that a 30 hour drive in a moving van is the way to start out a vacation, but they will have lots of stories to tell.  The rest of us are flying out next week to start the apartment decorating.  They will be pulling out tomorrow morning for a 30 hour drive to El Paso. 

Ok, here is my question for you Texas bloggers or people who have been to Texas... what is there to do around the area? My daughter found a state park where we are going to stay and rent a boat for a couple of days I think it is actually in New Mexico.  Any other suggestions?!?!

Well, the day that I have been thinking will never happen is getting so much closer!  (SNIFF, SNIFF) I am trying to hold it together, but it is getting harder knowing that he will be so far away!!

Well, off to start the to do list and I need to get up before my husband gets back home and finds me on the computer!!  Ha, ha~


Fitbecky said...

Are you moving to El Paso? I live in Las Cruces, NM which is 45 minutes away. There is White Sands, which is probably the state park you mentioned. There is also Elephant Butte that is a lake in T or C, NM about 2 hours away.

Kids Rock! ( formerly known as 2nd Grade Rocks!)

Mrs. M said...

Hang in there!! Your blogging buddies are here for you. Best of luck to your son on his new chapter :)


Mrs. C said...

If we lived closer I would take you up on midnight WalMart shopping.