Aug 28, 2012

September Behavior Chart Freebie and New Blog Designer Needed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I finally get all 23 of my kiddos.  The last 2 days of modeling with half of the class went wonderful!!   Our county fair begins tomorrow, so our school district dismisses our kids 1 hour earlier.  The teachers then are headed to district grade level meetings to talk about the new curriculum and the changes we are making this year.  Wednesday is discussing language arts, Thursday I will help present the new math ideas, and Friday we will get Social Studies and Science ideas!!  

My day tomorrow will be:
Reviewing morning meeting procedures
Using our September Writing prompt to do a guided writing lesson
Discussing Rules using the book David Goes To School
Visiting the library for storytime
Working on our August Math Journals
Introducing a fun math center with numbers,
Having our typical afternoon special

Since my kids went to school just 1 day this week, our August Behavior Calendar was just this week.  I did make one, but also created a September Behavior Calendar.  This is the first year that I included the rules so that parents could see what rule their child "broke" to earn a ticket.  

The circle on the behavior calendar is for me to write the number(s) of the rule(s) that were broken.  If a student was on green, then he/she colors the entire rectangle in green.  If they were yellow, then I would take a permanent marker and write the number(s) in the circle and the student would then color the rectangle for the day in yellow.  We use a green, yellow, blue, red system.  However, if you want to snatch our monthly behavior chart for September then you can use whatever colors you use in your classroom.

 Blog Designer Needed
My sister, daughter, and I have started a new business.  We are doing custom designs for special events such as decorations for weddings, anniversaries, decorating a home for Christmas, etc.  Tiffany, who designed Busy Bees, is no longer designing blogs.  So I wondered if you all knew anyone who designed blogs?!?  It would be something very simple because our main focus will be adding pictures of our special events.  We already have the blog ready to go we just need a simple design.  My daughter has already designed the logo, so very little time would be needed to create the blog! 

2012-2013 Behavior Chart Sept

Aug 26, 2012

First Day Is Monday and Room Is Almost Done

Last week we screened the kiddos, so on Monday I will get 1/2 of my kids, Tuesday the other 1/2, and Wednesday everybody comes.I made sure that on Friday when I left I basically had everything ready to go for Monday.  We will be taking our son back to the airport later this afternoon.  It has been so much fun having him home. 
Since we will be in Columbus, I am trying to decide whether or not I am going to make my husband stop at a Target after we leave the airport or if I need to get back so that I can wrap up a couple of things in my room.  
Took some quick pictures before I left on Friday:
This is what my WILD homework binders look like for this school year.

Researched and designed my own behavior charts.  They will go on the inside of the homework binder.

Blue pencil pocket holds my skill rings that the kids use at home every night.  These skill rings are differentiated for each student.  Super easy!

Title page of the Wild homework booklet.

38 sight words this year.  Added those to the back of the booklet for parents to work on throughout the first 9 weeks.

Here is what the homework pages look like for the first 3 weeks of school.  Then I add on practicing Letter Fluency from the DIBELS.

Bought Michelle's pennant packet and decided to design my 7 Habits to go along with this theme. 

Hoping my class list if finally official so that I can put my birthdays in this week!

This is what my behavior cards look like.  Hopefully everyone will be on green this week!!
One of the books that I will be starting tomorrow will be Emily's First 100 Days of School.  The kids love this book.  I have used it for years.

Lots of books on the to do list for tomorrow along with explaining rules and routines.  Can't wait for the fun to begin!  Hope you all have a great week this coming week!

Aug 23, 2012

Screening Is Finished Now Getting Ready For Kids and Need Help With Dropbox

Just wrapped up screening my 23 kids the past 2 days.  So, tomorrow is working hard on putting things away and planning for next week.  On Monday I will have 12 of my kiddos all day, Tuesday the other 11, and Wednesday everyone comes.  They are such great kids.  I can tell it's going to be a great year!!
Getting things ready for The Kissing Hand, Chrysanthemum, and David Goes To School books.  Look for some fun freebies coming soon!
One question that I have is...I have a dropbox account due to some clipart being sent to me since it was large.  I am trying to send a large unit out to someone and have been doing research and not being successful!  Anyone have some great tips on how to send large files through an email or something like Dropbox?!?!  

Aug 20, 2012

Pictures and Last Day To Work In My Room

I have had a great "last" weekend before school starts.  Our son flew in from Texas for 9 days for training for his job.  So, we got to visit with him and even celebrate his birthday on Sunday.  Gotta love those Dairy Queen ice cream cakes!!

I told myself I could not do school work while Jacob was home and my husband didn't think I could do it.  It was hard, but I did it.  However, as soon as he pulled out of our driveway to head to his conference, I drug Jordan with me to finish up my parent handbook!!

I am headed into school as soon as I finish this post.  I need to clean up the room to prepare for screening.  Our teacher work day is Tuesday and then kindergarten teachers screen Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.  Then next Monday 1/2 of my class will come all day and Tuesday the other 1/2 will come.  Leaving next Wednesday as the official day that all kindergarten students start all day.  

These are my Jungle Pom-Pom balls that my daughter helped me make.  Love how they turned out.

First day of school picture frame.  Keeping my fingers crossed the teacher store calls to let me know my extra set of letters are in today!!  Missing those popular letters and dots for the i.

Wrapping up my 7 Habits Subway Posters today.  Bought enough frames, but didn't check them in the bag and 2 were broke.  I will take a picture today of the complete project!

Spiced up my center chart this year.  Don't you just love hot glue guns!!

Closer picture of my center chart this year.

I have the kids do 2 centers for Math and Language Arts each day.  Last year, I finally found my easy organizing management system.

Calendar area almost done.  Can you tell I ran out of number 2's, too!!  Going to use Deanna Jump's standard cards for this area.

Well, headed into school to wrap it up and enjoy some "fun" time at home later. 

Aug 15, 2012

Seven Habits Freebie

Before I even head into school, I wanted to share something with you.  As we told you in previous posts, our school has become a Leader In Me School.  So, I have been making some 7 Habits things for my classroom.  Since I am doing a jungle theme, I am going to put these 7 habits on my palm tree.  Thought maybe you might be able to use them.  I will take pictures once I print them and get them on the tree.  
  7 Habits Signs

Aug 13, 2012

TPT Sale Continues and Center Are Almost Done

Hopefully you all are grabbing some fun units with the Back To School TPT sale that will end tonight, August 13 at midnight.  We are linking up with Blog Hoppin' to announce the sale in our TPT store.  All of our units are 20% off and if you use the TPT code you will get an additional 10%. 
Thanks to Amy Lemons for designing this for bloggers to use.
 I went into school for a little bit Sunday night and have my room pretty close to being finished.  I worked hard on my center board by adding new boarder, letters, etc.  My daughter couldn't believe I was using a hot glue gun to adhere it to my pocket chart.  I guess I didn't have the heart to tell her that I have a ton of pocket charts!!

We have a meeting all day Monday, to get our schedules discuss school related items, so I won't get too much done in my room during the day.  I might go in at night to wrap some things up.  I am almost done with my Leader In Me Subway posters/frames that I can't wait to show you when it is all done!!

New TPT Units This Summer
Since I should get my final schedule at our meeting, I plan to wrap up my WILD homework booklet and communication folder.  I will share it with you ASAP!  This year we decided to share our Dibels Homework Assignment Notebook For Beginning Readers, so we have it on our TPT store.  Click here to take you right to that homework booklet~Dibels Homework Assignment Notebook For Beginning Readers.  I put mine together last week and have the first, second, and third 9 weeks done!!  It was easy to do, rote for parents, and allows them to help monitor DIBELS components throughout the year.  You can snatch this up for $3.20 and use your TPT code for an additional 10% off!! 

Popcorn Words For Word Walls and Centers(click on those words to go directly to these words) was another unit that we created over the summer.  You can get these popcorn words for only $1.20 and still are able to add your TPT code.  I have my back to school word wall done.  I added these popcorn words on my word wall along with our September Words For Word Walls and Centers.  These are on sale for $0.80 and can use your TPT code for this, too!!

Another item that goes with our Flat (2-D) Shape Unit are our colorful Shape Posters.  These posters have 7 basic shapes that you can use as posters or compile them into a booklet form.  These posters are on TPT for just $0.80.  Adding the 10% TPT code will make these pretty cheap!!  Click on the Shape Posters above to take you directly to these posters. 

We have also been asked by several people if our Word Wall Words will be available each month.  The answer is YES!!  We just don't have the October ones ready yet.  However as I look over some of my new science units, I think we can also design words around those units, too!

Happy Monday and Have A Great Time Shopping At The Back To School TPT sale!


Aug 12, 2012

TPT Sale Begins So Shop Til You Drop For Back To School

It's the best time of the year!  The Back To School TPT Sale officially has begun.  Our entire store is 20% off and if you use the TPT coupon code, you will get an additional 10%off.  Here are some of the newest units that we have added the last few days.

This First And 10 Unit works great for Dibels First Sound Fluency.  There are spinners for every letter of the alphabet, except the letter x, for students to practice.  Each spinner has 8 letters and 1 worksheet where they will find the letter that matches the first sound.  Click here to find this on our TPT Store:  First And 10 Fluency.  Great deal only $1.60 with the sale and you will get an additional 10% off of that price!

I have copied and can't wait to use this unit the first month of school.  It focuses on the new GEOMETRY common core math standards of flat shapes.  It is packed with lots of materials that can be used for whole group, small group, and centers.  TONS of differentiated activities, too!!  Click here to snatch this fun unit:
Flat Shape 2D Unit for only $6.40 and you can use your additional 10% off code!
This unit has some whole group, small group, center activities that will work with the new common core math standards of counting and cardinality.  It has activities that are differentiated so that every level of learner in your classroom can be successful with these standards.  Clicking here Apple Themed Math Centers will take you to this fun unit on our TPT store for just $2.80 and the coupon code of an additional 10% can be added to this one!!
This September Math Journal is the easiest thing ever.  You can insert the booklet into the copier, push copy, add a staple/binder and they are done for the month.  No cutting or gluing into another book.  This journal will give the student simple story problems that are GREAT to discuss with the entire group.  I do mine every day to start my math lesson off and it is amazing to listen to the math discussion that goes on in whole group.  We have Math Journals for each month of the year!  There are 20 journals in each packet along with a choice of a black and white or colored title page.  Click here to grab this problem solving packet:  September Math Journal For Back To School.  It is only $1.60 and can still have a TPT coupon code added for an additional 10%.
Check back on Monday for some more highlighted units that we have just put on our TPT store along with pictures of these units.  Here is the TPT code that you will need to use:

Aug 11, 2012

Giveaway Ends Today, Saturday

Just wanted to remind you that our Wild Summer Giveaway ends today, Saturday, August 11 at midnight EST.  Please leave all comments on our blog post that we did on Wednesday, August 8.  We will announce our winner on Sunday.  

Today my husband is helping out with a couple of things in my classroom later in the afternoon, so I will be back with some fun pictures.  We also have some fun units that I will share that have just been put on our TPT store.

Aug 10, 2012

Freebie~Wild Number Sequencing and Wild Summer Giveaway Continues

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Christie over at First Grade Fever! She has been having a Fab-U-Lous Freebie Frenzy all week. Hope you all enjoy!!
 If you haven't been downloading your free stuff from Christie all week long, head on over and grab up a lot of fun activities!

Don't forget our Wild Summer Giveaway that we posted about on Wednesday.  Please leave your comments on our post that was on Wednesday, August 8 on our blog.  Hope you enter to have a chance to pick up some fantastic units!

EVERYTHING in our TpT Shop will be on sale August 12th-13th! TpT is offering an additional 10% off on top of our 20% off!!  So, start filling your carts so that you can do some BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!!  Don't forget to enter the Promo Code: BTS12 to save an extra 10% on your purchase!

WILD Number Sequencing

Aug 8, 2012


Here is information to help you with following each of the 3 blogs and you can also use it to help you place them on your blog roll:
Little Kinder Warriors
A Cupcake For The Teacher
Busy Bees

Here is information to help you with following each of the bloggers' TPT stores:
Little Kinder Warriors
A Cupcake For The Teacher
Busy Bees

AND are the units that you will have 3 chances to win!!

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Teri at A Cupcake For The Teacher

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

Aug 6, 2012

Word Wall Almost Done

 Word Wall Almost Done

Today I went into school to accomplish a couple of things.  I wanted to make sure that I wrapped up my word wall that I am going to be using this year. I added my popcorn words and September words to the word wall.  I have yet to add my "jungle themed characters" to jazz it up.  This picture represents the "pre" word wall stage and I will share with you a final word wall for the first month of school later this week.  

We posted some word wall items recently.  We posted the following TPT items:
Popcorn Words For Word Wall and Centers
September Word List and Word Wall Cards
We have been asked if we are going to continue the monthly word wall themes and the answer is a definite YES!!! 

Final Word Wall pictures coming soon.  This picture shows you the "pre" word wall.
 I also worked on laminating, cutting out, and adding spinners to our new First Sound Fluency Packet to go along with my Dibels component centers during the first couple of months of school.  This unit should be posted this week.  Has a fun "football" theme. 

Another item on my to do list was to get my homework booklet copied and put together.  This year I am doing a What I Learn Daily(WILD) booklet.  I got my homework booklet copied and put into my binders for the first 9 weeks.  I need to add some additional items, so I am hoping to get it done on Wednesday to share pictures soon!!!

I had some "old" notepads laying around wondering what I was going to do with them.  They were leftover from previous years.  So, I decided to spice up the cover and let the kids have one the first day of school to do some writing/drawing.  I had some leftover golf pencils, too.  So, once again my duct tape came in handy.  I used duct tape at the top to give it a "Jungle" twist.  Of course, I thought I needed to jazz up a container to put it in, so I used my Cricut to make letters for this container.  I need to add some "jungle ribbon" yet.  My daughter took it to school today, so I will add it on Wednesday when I go to school.  I plan on putting "fun" writing things for the kids throughout the school year to help keep them excited about writing.  I don't plan on buying things, I need to clean some things out of my closet this year.
Need to add some ribbon to fancy it up this week.

Added 30 of these inside the "Write On" container.  Of course I am hoping and praying that I don't need 30 of these!!

Used scrapbook paper and a gluestick to put on the front cover.  Then I added a fancy title with hot glue gun.

Wrapped 30 of these pencils with duct tape.  Went really fast and made it look like it had a jungle theme. 

 I will be heading to Columbus tomorrow with my daughter to check out a possible internship for next summer for her.  Of course, we are thinking it might turn into a little shopping trip.  So, I really don't see myself getting a lot of school stuff done until Wednesday again.  Ya never know...I might get motivated when I get home to take some pictures for you. 

I sooooo bad wanted to post pictures today of everything I made from our new Flat Shapes Unit.  It has a TON of centers and large group activities that are designed around the new math common core standards.  I WILL post about this unit along with a lot of pictures later this week.  There are enough centers/activities in this unit to last you a long time.  You can check this new unit out on our TPT store by clicking on this link:
Flat Shape 2-D Unit