Aug 23, 2012

Screening Is Finished Now Getting Ready For Kids and Need Help With Dropbox

Just wrapped up screening my 23 kids the past 2 days.  So, tomorrow is working hard on putting things away and planning for next week.  On Monday I will have 12 of my kiddos all day, Tuesday the other 11, and Wednesday everyone comes.  They are such great kids.  I can tell it's going to be a great year!!
Getting things ready for The Kissing Hand, Chrysanthemum, and David Goes To School books.  Look for some fun freebies coming soon!
One question that I have is...I have a dropbox account due to some clipart being sent to me since it was large.  I am trying to send a large unit out to someone and have been doing research and not being successful!  Anyone have some great tips on how to send large files through an email or something like Dropbox?!?!  


Krogers Kindergarten said...

I just set up a dropbox for my teammates to share my TPT files. It was super easy! I just downloaded the dropbox application and it opens up a dropbox folder on my computer. I just put a copy of the file in the drop box folder, and then on the website itself, I click share, and add email addresses of those I want to share the folder with. The email has a direct link for them to go to and download whatever they want. I have a mac so it might work a little differently on a PC but overall it's pretty simple and you get 2 gigs of space for free. Hope that helps :)

Busy Bees said...

Thanks so much! It worked perfect!