Aug 28, 2012

September Behavior Chart Freebie and New Blog Designer Needed

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I finally get all 23 of my kiddos.  The last 2 days of modeling with half of the class went wonderful!!   Our county fair begins tomorrow, so our school district dismisses our kids 1 hour earlier.  The teachers then are headed to district grade level meetings to talk about the new curriculum and the changes we are making this year.  Wednesday is discussing language arts, Thursday I will help present the new math ideas, and Friday we will get Social Studies and Science ideas!!  

My day tomorrow will be:
Reviewing morning meeting procedures
Using our September Writing prompt to do a guided writing lesson
Discussing Rules using the book David Goes To School
Visiting the library for storytime
Working on our August Math Journals
Introducing a fun math center with numbers,
Having our typical afternoon special

Since my kids went to school just 1 day this week, our August Behavior Calendar was just this week.  I did make one, but also created a September Behavior Calendar.  This is the first year that I included the rules so that parents could see what rule their child "broke" to earn a ticket.  

The circle on the behavior calendar is for me to write the number(s) of the rule(s) that were broken.  If a student was on green, then he/she colors the entire rectangle in green.  If they were yellow, then I would take a permanent marker and write the number(s) in the circle and the student would then color the rectangle for the day in yellow.  We use a green, yellow, blue, red system.  However, if you want to snatch our monthly behavior chart for September then you can use whatever colors you use in your classroom.

 Blog Designer Needed
My sister, daughter, and I have started a new business.  We are doing custom designs for special events such as decorations for weddings, anniversaries, decorating a home for Christmas, etc.  Tiffany, who designed Busy Bees, is no longer designing blogs.  So I wondered if you all knew anyone who designed blogs?!?  It would be something very simple because our main focus will be adding pictures of our special events.  We already have the blog ready to go we just need a simple design.  My daughter has already designed the logo, so very little time would be needed to create the blog! 

2012-2013 Behavior Chart Sept


Crayons and Curls said...

I used Kelly's Avenue Designs.
Here is my post:
Crayons and Curls

Busy Bees said...

Thanks! I will have to check it out!!

Sherry said...

I really like Designs by Dani!
Good luck!

Busy Bees said...

Thanks, Sherry. We will check this out.

RealOCteachers said...

Hello there! Thanks for leaving us a comment. We are happy we found your blog!

Staci said...

Good luck on your new business! :)

Let's Teach Something

Barbara said...

Hi there!
I design blogs :)

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Anonymous said...

I love your behavior chart. Will you be sharing October's please????