Aug 13, 2012

TPT Sale Continues and Center Are Almost Done

Hopefully you all are grabbing some fun units with the Back To School TPT sale that will end tonight, August 13 at midnight.  We are linking up with Blog Hoppin' to announce the sale in our TPT store.  All of our units are 20% off and if you use the TPT code you will get an additional 10%. 
Thanks to Amy Lemons for designing this for bloggers to use.
 I went into school for a little bit Sunday night and have my room pretty close to being finished.  I worked hard on my center board by adding new boarder, letters, etc.  My daughter couldn't believe I was using a hot glue gun to adhere it to my pocket chart.  I guess I didn't have the heart to tell her that I have a ton of pocket charts!!

We have a meeting all day Monday, to get our schedules discuss school related items, so I won't get too much done in my room during the day.  I might go in at night to wrap some things up.  I am almost done with my Leader In Me Subway posters/frames that I can't wait to show you when it is all done!!

New TPT Units This Summer
Since I should get my final schedule at our meeting, I plan to wrap up my WILD homework booklet and communication folder.  I will share it with you ASAP!  This year we decided to share our Dibels Homework Assignment Notebook For Beginning Readers, so we have it on our TPT store.  Click here to take you right to that homework booklet~Dibels Homework Assignment Notebook For Beginning Readers.  I put mine together last week and have the first, second, and third 9 weeks done!!  It was easy to do, rote for parents, and allows them to help monitor DIBELS components throughout the year.  You can snatch this up for $3.20 and use your TPT code for an additional 10% off!! 

Popcorn Words For Word Walls and Centers(click on those words to go directly to these words) was another unit that we created over the summer.  You can get these popcorn words for only $1.20 and still are able to add your TPT code.  I have my back to school word wall done.  I added these popcorn words on my word wall along with our September Words For Word Walls and Centers.  These are on sale for $0.80 and can use your TPT code for this, too!!

Another item that goes with our Flat (2-D) Shape Unit are our colorful Shape Posters.  These posters have 7 basic shapes that you can use as posters or compile them into a booklet form.  These posters are on TPT for just $0.80.  Adding the 10% TPT code will make these pretty cheap!!  Click on the Shape Posters above to take you directly to these posters. 

We have also been asked by several people if our Word Wall Words will be available each month.  The answer is YES!!  We just don't have the October ones ready yet.  However as I look over some of my new science units, I think we can also design words around those units, too!

Happy Monday and Have A Great Time Shopping At The Back To School TPT sale!


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