Sep 17, 2012

7 Habits, Math Journals, First Sound Fluency Center, and Apple Theme Word Cards

Our school is in it's first year of Leader In Me training.  The past few weeks the students have been working really hard on Habit 2:  Begin With The End In Mind.  They are really understanding this habit.  We have also worked hard on Habit 1:  Be Proactive.   

It was a busy Monday in my classroom.  We started school towards the end of August, but I knew I wanted my students to complete their August Math Journals and be on target with the September Math Journals.  So, we have worked like dogs, but we just wrapped up our August Math Journals today and are right on schedule with the September Math Journals.  We do Math Journals the first thing each day of our math lesson.  It is a great discussion time and the students love doing it!  We also circle key words in the journal that we say helps us solve the problem. 

Next week we will be working on informational text and informative writing. So we are sneaking in a little bit of Johnny Appleseed to meet the common standards.  Here are some word cards that I am going to put at my writing center.  I also made a set to put on our word wall.  There were just posted on our TPT store for just $1.00 click here for the link:  Apple Word List and Word Wall.  This set also comes with a word list with an apple twist.

Just started working last week on First Sound Fluency.  They have done a great job with understanding this concept.  This center has the students landing on an object, they must tell their partner the name of the object, then make the sound, and finally find the letter on the provided worksheet and trace it.  This fun Dibels Practicing Center of First and Ten(First Sound Fluency Practice) can also be found on our TPT store by clicking this link:  First and Ten With First Sound Fluency for just $2.00.
Student playing a First Sound Fluency Game today working on that Dibels component.

Working on First Sound Fluency and handwriting.

Last page of our August Math Journal.  Students were just introduced to AB patterning and did a GREAT job with this new concept.

Practicing our numbers 0-10 was a focus with this journal.

Tracing and making our own 2-D flat shapes was just another  chance for us to review shapes from our shape unit!

 All of our math journals can be found on our TPT store and are VERY EASY to make each month.  Pop the pages in the copier, hit the desired number, staple the booklets, and they are done!!  No cutting, gluing, etc.

We just updated our October Math Journal.  We added page numbers and a "jazzier" title page.  Make sure you check your TPT purchase for the revised version!  Click this link to purchase your October Math Journal for just $2.00.  These journals also cover the new common core standards.

Up Next:  Pictures of the things I currently have in my Data Binders.  
Just started today my new Weather Unit that we will be putting up on TPT in the next week.  This unit has lots of kindergarten age appropriate literature books, weather crafties, and weather projects that covers the new science standards.  Watch for this unit coming soon.  I will have lots of pictures on this fun unit. 


Ash said...

Those kiddos were hard at work and doing a mighty fine job! Looks like fun!

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School Sparks Renee said...

It looks like you are off to a great start this year! Renee

megandw said...

Love the idea of binding the word cards! Did you get it done at Staples or do you have a binder at school?

Cindy Calenti said...

I really like the personal behavior chart. Thanks for sharing.


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Busy Bees said...

Megan I emailed you about the binding.