Sep 26, 2012

Apple Unit In Progress and New Weather Unit/Craftie Almost Done


This week we have been focusing on informative pieces of writing and literature.  The students are really beginning to understand that the author's purpose is to give us information so that we know more about a given topic.  With Johnny Appleseed's birthday being September 26, I though it would be a great opportunity to hit some informational pieces of reading and writing with the kids this week.  So, we have been writing and reading about fall and Johnny Appleseed.
Our Math Centers this week have taken the Apple Twist, too.  Our centers are up and moving on the new counting and cardinality standards with numbers 0-20.  Here are just some pictures of our new Apple Themed Math Centers.  Head over to our TPT store to snatch this "APPLE-LICOUS" Unit called Apple Themed Math Centers for just $3.50.   These pictures are just a few of the centers offered in this apple themed packet!

Counting objects to 10 using the apple theme.

Counting apples 11-20 with an apple theme twist for those kiddos ready for the teen numbers.  Fun and easy way to differentiate!!

Another center offering differentiation with students working on numbers 11-20. 

Counting dots and using apple cards to help with numbers 0-10 is the goal of this center.

Sneak peek of students working on our Weather Booklet.  We will be wrapping it up next week and putting it all together on TPT.  It supports the new Science standards for weather. 

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