Sep 15, 2012

Freebies...New 2012-2013 Data Binders On TPT

SueBeth just helped me wrap up my new 2012-2013 Data Binder Dividers to use this coming year in our Data Binders.  We put these on our TPT store as a freebie.  Click on these words: Data Binder Dividers to take yourself right to the direct link for your freebies.  More will be coming shortly, but this is what I needed to get myself started.  We made them so that they are not only kindergarten friendly, but can be used throughout various grade levels.  I have lots of documents to put into them all ready.  

For the letters/sounds we did an assessment the first day of school when we administered the KRAL test.  So, these August letters/sounds assessments were entered into the Letters/Sounds part of the Data Binder.  We did our first writing at the beginning of September and used the writing rubric to assess these writings.  These were sent home for the parents to see their child's beginning writing sample and also filed into my Writing Data Binder section.  Our month behavior charts were collected at the end of August and were filed into the Monthly Behavior section.  

Starting this week kindergarten will begin giving our pre and post tests in Science and Social Studies since we are starting our weather unit.  These will be kept in another file called Data Collection.  This collection will NOT be able to go home due to actual tests being given to the students.  I will also be keeping my reading diagnostic tests, Math Diagnostic test, and other assessment results for this collection.  All of these assessments will be used to show a year's growth in most of the subject areas.  This is the first year that we have had to do this type of collection.  

I love to organize things and enjoy showing growth to students, parents, and myself to help drive my instruction.  I have collected so many things over the past several years.  So doing this type of a collection is right up my alley.  It is also nice to work with SueBeth because designing grids and things on the computer is right up her alley!!

Watch for pictures coming as I will wrap up the headings of these Data Binders and what the beginning of these collections will look like for this year!



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Thank you so much for sharing these!

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These are great - LOVE your blog! I just found it through a comment you made on What The Teacher Wants and have had fun looking at your posts and downloading "stuff."

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ahhhh love these =)

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