Sep 8, 2012

Showing A Year Of Growth...Data Binders

The past couple of weeks and the next couple of weeks the kids have been tested, tested, and tested for a base score in many areas.  Here is the testing that they have done or will be doing:

At screening they did the KRAL test which we used the capital and lowercase letters from that to use in our August Data Binders.

Next up was our DIBELS base.  There was a "SWAT" team that came and helped test our students with the DIBELS.  Our district hires a substitute that floats around the building for the day.  The substitute comes into our classroom so that I can be a part of the "SWAT" team for my class.  Once the testing is done, I go back into my room and the sub and the "SWAT" team moves onto another classroom.  For this first part of DIBELS, all of my kids were done within probably 40 minutes.

This past Friday I gave my students the Writing base for this school year.  BEFORE I got started, I talked with the kids that we are all going to be PROACTIVE (remember we work on the 7 habits) and that everyone is going to do their best.  We discussed that nobody was going to cry and that it was ok is we didn't know how to write a sentence about what we would bring to school for a show and tell day.  We also talked about it was ok if we could just get one letter down, but we were all going to try to do our best.  Then, I read them a story about bring something to school for show and tell.  We discussed the story, I passed out the writing paper to them.  Everyone went back to their seat.  We even put our offices up so that we knew it was our best work and we were going to concentrate inside our office.  I am thrilled to say that not one student cried...I was SOOOOOO proud of their efforts. Once I collected them, my student teacher met with them one on one for them to tell her what they wrote.  Now I have to copy these writings, evaluate them, and place them into their Data Binder.  Then in May, I will be reading the same story and evaluating them and seeing if they show a year's growth.  Every month I will be reading a story, putting offices up, and evaluating a writing so that I can progress monitor their writing.  I copy all of these monthly writings, evaluate them, put them in their Data Binders, and send a copy home.

This week our librarian and computer teacher will come into my room during my library/computer special time to conduct the Dibels Math with my students.  They will bring 23 laptops into my classroom and have the students take this test.

Also this week, my students will be given the new Ohio Reading Diagnostic by our "SWAT" team.  There will be 2 reading teachers along with a substitute that will come to my classroom sometime this week to pull the students out in the hall to get a base score for this Reading Test.

The week of September 17, a SWAT team will be coming and testing the kids on the new OHIO Math Diagnostic.  Once again, the team will just be sitting at tables out in the hallway and calling my students one by one out in the hall to give this math assessment.

With all of that said, I need to start concentrating on getting some progress monitoring on what I am doing in my class with letters/sounds and 2-D shape things.  So, this week, I plan on testing the kids on their capital letters, lowercase letters, 33 sounds, and naming the 2-D shapes so that I can send a report home to parents.  I use this report(actual assessment sheets that I have made) to send home to parents to let them see how their child did on those particular standards.  I also use this information to take things off of their homework skill ring.  If the students know all of these items, then I can also mark it on the grade card which will go home to parents on November 2.

This weekend I need to "revamp" some of my DATA Binder sheets to match the new standards.  Once I have done that, I will share these with you as a freebie!  So keep checking back to grab these freebies.

I have pictures of the kids in action, but I have to send home my permission slip to parents first before I can post these pictures.


The Queen Bee said...

...testing os so out of control, I thought I had it bad with our own "LBA"(benchmark assesment) and FAIR(the new DIBELS), SRI and STAR testing...but Ithink you get the prize!
I have a DATA Notebook too, plus the kids keep their own Data Notebooks! They keep tract of fluency in reading and math plus writing goals!
Good luck with all your DATA sorting!

Busy Bees said...

I don't think it is an honor to get the testing prize!!! If so, does chocolate come as the reward!?!Ha, ha!!

Laura said...

This makes me so sad. Way too much pressure for our littlest learners. The adults in charge need to get a grip!!!

Sarah said...

We just finished our round of testing this week and are working on a few last kiddos that need to be retested on phonemic awareness. I feel bad with all the tests, but luckily they've been troopers. :)


Mrs. Cole said...

We are in our first year of Leader in Me and are using Data Notebooks. I'll be sure to check back to see what you are doing with your kids as far as data is concerned. I'm in the process of making some data bulletin boards and wall displays for my school so check in at my blog in the next 2 weeks for pictures.


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

I'd love to see your data binder - I always like seeing different takes on those kinds of things :)

Maria Eshman said...

Testing, testing, testing.... We just gave our Ohio Reading and Math diagnostic as well as DRA and I gave a CBM for writing. Our DIBELS team and AIMS web testing is coming this week. UGH!

I would love to peek at your data binder, I'm not sure how to keep it all organized.

I'm your newest follower!