Oct 9, 2012

Weather Craftie Unit Completed, Edible Flat Shape Lesson, and September Journal Samples

All I can say is that I think I can speak for both SueBeth and myself...life has been a little cuh-razy the last few days.  We have conferences Tuesday/Thursday nights this week and Monday/Wednesday nights next week.  So, we have been preparing information to share with our parents.  On Monday, the students had the day off for Columbus Day, but our staff had in service all day.  Our in service was Leader In Me training, so it was a full day of learning and sharing.
Last week we ended our weather unit.  SueBeth had her second graders make my class a weather hat.  It was perfect.  My kids were so surprised.  My class had just finished taking their post test for the weather unit and were putting things away when SueBeth's class arrived with weather hats.  I think her kids were just as excited to give us our hats as my class was on receiving a weather hat.    We will be posting it later in the week once we both have a little free time!!  Here are some pictures of our fun weather craftie unit along with some math and writing samples.

Fun with our edible 2-D shape project.

Sorting 2-D crackers before we get to taste them.

Front cover of our September Journals that I collected and sent home for parents to see our monthly writing growth.

I like to be different.  This is a sample taken from a student who is working on writing 1 sentence.

Page 1 sample of a student who is working on writing more than 1 sentence on a given topic.

Page 2 of the same student from above who is working on writing a second sentence.

Writing sample from a student who is working hard on making the letters, leaving space, and writing 1 sentence on a given topic.

Sample of a student who is working hard on copying what our small group of writers have written.
Sample of our seasonal windsocks that we made to watch how the wind blows during different seasons.

Another sample of our windsocks.

Picture of our windsocks.
A second grade student placing the weather hat that he made onto a kindergarten student.

Don't those faces tell how proud they are to share with one another.

A student just bursting at the seams to go home and share her weather unit projects!

Our class picture of our weather hats.
Another sample of a weather craftie that we did to describe the different types of weather.  These were so much fun to make.  Students took these weather books home to share 
with family and friends.

Different types of weather hats.

More types of weather hats for us to wear.

An umbrella to show when it is a rainy day.

Be watching our TPT store and blog real soon for this weather unit craftie.  Now we are onto our living and nonliving unit.  We just worked on our pumpkin life cycle today, too.  My kids just love science with all of our fun projects.


AnaMarie said...

I am sooo ready to use the weather craftie unit. When will you be posting it on TPT? I am would also love to see your pumpkin activities.
Ana Marie

Busy Bees said...

Definitely by this weekend due to conferences. However, it might be sooner since we have tonight "off". Pumpkin activities should be posted this week and next week on the blog.

School Sparks Renee said...

What a cute unit. Love those hats. How often do the 2nd graders meet with the kindergartners? Our 2nd grade "buddies" met with us about every 3 weeks.

Alisha George said...

Okay did I miss the details about your 2D Edible Shape Lesson?! I want to do this with my kids!

Mrs. C said...

So much cute stuff where do I start?