Nov 11, 2012

3D Shape Unit Fun

We had so much fun last week with our 3D Solid shape unit.  The kids especially liked Shape Bingo.  It was good for them to listen to the shape color and shape name.  Then it was fun to watch them see where the shape was on their board.  Since I have a student teacher, I worked with a little boy who I "thought" might need some help.  Boy, was I was wrong.  He knew every color, listened to every shape being called, and even got to call out "Shape Bingo" twice.  So, he got something out of the treasure box 2 times. 

Student working on our 3D Shape Spinners and Graphing.

Students working with partners on our 3D Shape Spinners and Graphing activity.

Up this week, is our 3D Shape Hunt, Environmental 3D Shape Spinners/Graphing, Building Solid Shapes,  Does it Roll/Stack, Slide, and Counting 3D Shapes. 

Here are some samples of our 3D Shape Posters.  I decided to put mine into a booklet.  We like to discuss these shapes each day naming the shapes and telling how many vertices, edges, and faces.  It has really made this concept easy for the kids. 


Next week we will wrap up our 3D Shape Unit and head into sorting.  This 3D Shape Packet also has some fun sorting ideas that we are going to use.  More pictures will be coming this week of our 3D Shape Fun!!

Monday we are working with Veterans Day Activities.  We will then be wrapping up our Thanksgiving Heritage theme making a lot of "crafties".  

 If you are interested in our Solid 3D Shapes Posters and Solid 3D Shape Unit, click on the names of those units and it will take you directly to both of those units on our TPT store.