Nov 29, 2012

If I Could Do A Cartwheel I Would...Ha, ha

I just graded my November Writing Assessments.  I was so pleased with their independent writing samples.  At this time of the year, a score of at least a 2 is considered on target for the end of the year kindergarten writing.  I am happy to report that out of 22 students, 21 students scored a 2 or higher on the rubric.  I just typed up my note to parents and told them that I felt the November Writing results were from 2 key areas:

1.  Daily guided writing lessons
2.  Daily class and homework practice with segmenting

Here are some samples of the writings and the scores they were given.  Our topic was what you did on Thanksgiving. 
This writing sample was scored a 0 due to the fact that it contained a long string of letters.  The student wrote the back of the page, too which is the below picture.

This is still from the above writing sample.  I know it will eventually come.  This student is working really hard in my RTI group!

This student scored a 0 last month.  HUGE progress this month with his writing.  He even wrote the back of the paper which is the sample below.

I gave him a huge hug for his efforts this month.  Keeping my fingers crossed it continues into December.

This sample scored a 3 on our writing rubric.  Very short and sweet. 

Sample of a 4 writing on the writing rubric.  This student wrote both this front and the back which is in the below sample. 

We have been working hard on beginning sentences and ending sentences.  Yeah!!

Another sample of a 4 writing.  This student I felt added a lot of details to what he did on Thanksgiving with his family.  The rest of his paper is below.

Gotta love his ending sentence of  It was a blast!!  Made me smile!!
Next up, writing opinion papers.  Our December Writing packet: December Journal Topic For Kindergarten Level Guided Writing is filled with 4 weeks of opinion writings for only $2.00.  Check out this new packet on TPT which gives you ideas on opinion writing along with I Can Statements to post.    



Mrs. Anderson said...

Wow! Your kindergarteners rock!
It's amazing what they can do with your guidance.
Connie Anderson:)

Busy Bees said...

Thanks! Teaching writing is definitely one of my favorite things to do!

Amy J said...

Have you posted about your writing assessments before? I am always looking for new ways to assess and document writing growth. I'm new to your blog and didn't know if I had missed it! :)


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