Nov 3, 2012

November Informational Writing and 3D Unit Coming

Monday will begin our November Journal Writing Packet (click for direct TPT link).  Our main focus will be writing journal entries with an informational theme.  We will be using the social studies standard with learning about your heritage as our theme.  We will continue to do a guided writing together on these topics so that the kids understand the main topic, but also pick up other skills.  Once we are done, the kids who are ready, will start journal writing on their own with this given topic that we just wrote about together.  The kids who are not ready yet for this task, will work in a small group brainstorming what they can write with me helping them stretch out the words.  I will definitely share some writings this week from all different levels of writers.

Students who are ready to do their own journal writing will be able to use a Thanksgiving Word List (Click for a direct link on TPT).  This will need to be modeled, so I will model it during my guided writing lessons.  This will keep kids from just writing a long string of Thanksgiving words that don't make sense in their journal.  I will also use this with the students who still need a structure guided writing journal time.  This group is now down to 6 kids!  YEAH!!!  However, this group is flexible.  As I am walking around helping kids with independent journal time, I might see someone who I feel still needs the structure writing.

Next up for SueBeth and I is finalizing our 3D Solid Shape packet.  It hits ALL geometry standards with many large group, small group, and center activities!!  Can't wait to start using it this week!!

Well, gotta go have a fun filled day at a wedding of some of our best friends.  Jacob, our son, flew home from Texas on Thursday as he is the best man for this wedding.  Love having him home!!