Nov 6, 2012

Solid 3D Shape Unit Is Finished

Our Solid 3D Shape Unit is done and on TPT.  It has soooooo many fun activities that meet the new geometry common core standards for kindergarten.  Here are some of the centers/activities that are in this packet:
3D Shapes~How Many Faces
3D Shapes~How Many Vertices
3D Shapes~How Many Edges
3D Shape Cards To Play Go Fish, Memory, Match Game
Counting Solid Shapes 1-10
Counting Solid Shapes 11-20
3D Shape Sorting Mats
3D Shape Hunt
3D Shape Sorting Cards
Solid Shape Booklet for students to make and read
Building Solid Shapes Activity
3D Shape Spinners and Graphing
3D Environmental Print Spinners and Graphing
3D Shape Bingo
3D Grid To Chart # of Faces, Vertices, and Edges
3D Shapes Do They Stack, Roll, and/or Slide
Identifying 3D Shape Worksheets
3D Shape Expert Badges
3D Shape I Can Posters with solid shape geometry standards
3D Shape Book List 

All of the above activities are in our Solid 3D Shape Unit packet on our TPT store.  Click here for a direct link to TPT:   Solid 3D Shape Unit. 

Just started this unit this week and the kids are learning so much and having a fun time doing some of these large group activities, small group activities, and center activities.  Pictures are coming soon with some of these activities! 

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