Nov 25, 2012

TPT Sale, Back From Punta Cana, and Kindergarten Writing Rubrics

We are excited for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale.  We are putting our entire store on sale for 20% off.  PLUS if you use the TPT Cyber Monday and Tuesday code you will get an additional savings to give you 28% off your entire purchases!!  If you are looking for some new Christmas items, we have many things that meet the common core standards in reading, writing, and math to use in your classroom.

Both of our kids were gone over Thanksgiving break, so my husband and I decided to take a trip to Punta Cana.  It was such a relaxing vacation in the sun.  The temperatures were 85 degrees or higher each day.  Makes it harder to face Ohio's colder weather!  So thankful for such a fun trip with my husband.  I even tricked him into taking me to Target on the way back home from the airport!  Now back to reality of laundry and school work to catch up on!!

Monday before I went on Thanksgiving break, I attended a 6 Traits of Writing Workshop.  Our district is looking to change some things on our current writing rubrics.  Just wondered what your district uses for kindergarten writing rubrics.  Ours uses one that the state of Ohio designed several years ago.   I like parts of ours.  I like the spelling and spacing and letter formation part.  I struggle at times with the directionality because most kids can score a 4 because even their scribbles are top to bottom and left to right.  And typically those children can also tell you that there writing really says The best part about Christmas is Santa Claus.  So, they stayed on topic with their content even though it is scribbling.  Here is a copy of ours.  Would love to hear and/or see other kindergarten writing rubrics that you use in kindergarten.
  Writing Rubric - Grade K


KinderKarla said...

Our district uses the Write from the Beginning rubric which has only 2 sections- a drawing section and a writing section. I don't love it. My team changed it a little to incorporate the Primary Six Traits rubric and added a conventions portion to the rubric. I like yours a lot!

Jenerator said...

I love this rubric, but I can't get it. I don't have a scribd account :(


Busy Bees said...

Sent it to you via gmail! Enjoy!!

Busy Bees said...

If you don't mind, send me a copy via our gmail account. I would love to see it!

Yvonnee said...

Hi- I am unable to download the rubric would you be willing to send it to me? Thanks so much,