Dec 18, 2012

So Many Fun December Activities

I think I am ready to sit down and relax because we have been in fast speed since Thanksgiving!!

My kids have been so busy in kindergarten the last few weeks that I think I have enough activities for December that we could finish the school year off.  Our last day is this Friday, so we have a few more to go.  Here are some pictures of some fun things we have been working on the last couple of weeks. 

We are having a blast with our Elf On The Shelf activities.  On this particular day, he left us some candy canes.

Students always write in their Elf Booklets using positional words of where the elf was for the day and/or what he left us.  They are getting really good on spelling the words he, was, on, in, above, etc. 

This is the start of our reindeer project of where we made reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve.

Students chose their bag that they wanted to fill their reindeer food with and placed it inside the reindeer holder.

Another student working hard on her Elf On The Shelf booklet.

New problem solving techniques that I am using for my daily math journals.  I took a math workshop 2 weeks ago on some awesome problem solving techniques to use with various grades!!
Fun math centers that we have been using to help us with counting and cardinality using the numbers 0-20.

More fun math centers with counting and cardinality.

Gave students the choice of working independently or with a partner.  They love working with their friends.  Some students chose to work independently, but had a phone a friend if they needed one.

SueBeth and I did a sharpen the saw activity with the kids.  We iced and decorated cookies for the City Mission. 

We both were so impressed because none of the kids asked if they got to eat any of the cookies.  Every cookie we made was "given" to the families that "needed" these cookies for their dessert at the City Mission.  What a great lesson!! 

Students working on a new syllable center.

Students checking with one another on how many syllables a particular word has on their center.

This student chose to work independently on his syllable center.  He is counting out the syllables.

 Three more days of fun activities.  More pictures to share with you and our December writings!!


Teacher and Life Long Learner said... have busy Elves!

Mr. First Grade said...

Ah! I wish I would have made elf-tracking journals for my little firsts! Definitely doing that next year!

Thanks for sharing!
Mr. First Grade

Kristina said...

I LOVE your elf on the shelf journal idea! So they write down where he was and what he did? Also, I have never used math journals but really like the idea. If you have a chance (maybe after Christmas!) would you mind telling me a little more about what your math journals involve? My email is Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
-Kristina Abernathy