Jan 12, 2013

Nonsense Word Freebie...We Are Feeling A Little Lovin'

After finishing up round 2 of Dibels right before Christmas, I looked over my scores and assessed what "intervention" my kids needed.  At this point one of the goals we are working on is being able to read NONSENSE words by the end of the year.  Right now many of my kids are working on sounding out each letter and then saying the word which is a step in the right direction.  

Knowing that the goal is that they can read the Nonsense word, I knew that I had to provided additional practice for them during center time.  So, SueBeth and I are working on putting together a additional DIBELS packet for me to use during centers.  We have more DIBELS packets in our TPT store to use in the classroom and for parent communication and support.  Right now my focus is on Nonsense Words since that will hit all of my kids. 

The good news for you all is that we are giving our first center game free to all of our blogging friends because we are feeling a little "lovin'" and way to give back to our friends. 

Thanks to Mealonheadz Illustrations and DJ Inkers for the clipart! 

This Nonsense packet can be picked up free here on our blog or head on over to our TPT store and grab it there, too.  Here is that direct link:  Nonsense Word Center Freebie on TPT.


Sarah said...

This is great! We just finished up our DIBELS testing this week and my kids had a super tough time with nonsense words because we've changed tests this year and they haven't practiced that skill. This will be great to work on the rest of the year :)


School Sparks Renee said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource. It will definitely appeal to the little ones! Renee

Mrs. Jackson said...

Thank you for this cute freebie! We just finished DIBELS testing last week. I wll be using this is in my small groups!!

Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

Mrs. Cole said...

I LOVE it! This is perfect for reading centers the week of Valentine's. Thank you for the freebie!!!!!!

Cole's Little Pups