Feb 28, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Centers Begin and Any Good Timers

Since it will be March tomorrow, I decided to start some of my St. Patrick's Day centers today mixed in with some additional center themes.  I have enough centers for St. Patrick's Day that I will have 2 weeks worth.  My kids worked for over 40 minutes on their centers and had so much fun. 
We just revised our St. Patrick's Day Centers from last year so here is a quick link on our TPT store:   

St. Patrick's Day Math Packet
Puppy Love Addition and Subtraction
Off and Running With Numbers 0-20
Counting and Cardinality from Off and Running With Numbers 0-20.

Reviewing counting and cardinality with numbers 1-10 with this center.

Puppy Love Centers with working on addition to 5.

Counting and Cardinality with numbers 10-20 with a St. Patrick's Day twist.

A favorite...digging for some gold using Skittles.

Some more digging for "Skittles" using numbers, counting, and tallies.

First time we did a center this year with the subtraction process.  
Next week we will be working on some of those fun "cat" items, too.  Going to pull some of those fun centers out for the kids to enjoy in both reading and math. 

Doing a lot of progress monitoring and using some "old" timers that I have had around for a long time.  Do any of you have a good timer that you would recommend?  I especially like the timers that count down from a minute.  

Feb 23, 2013

March Madness and Measurement Unit Pictures

Since we just put 2 new units up on our TPT store, we have decided to put them on sale from Saturday-Tuesday(February 23-26)  Head on over to our TPT Store to get yourself some fun and jammed packed centers.  Click on the unit titles below to take you right to these TPT links. 

Next up, a St. Patrick's Day giveaway and working on some fun activities to go with this giveaway.  Check back early this week for a chance to win some fun St. Patrick's Day items!

Feb 21, 2013

Measurement Unit and March Madness Unit Are DONE

We just wrapped up our Measurement Unit.  It is filled with all kinds of measurement activities.  There are length, weight, and capacity activities/centers that meet all of the Measurement Common Core Math Standards.  Pictures of this unit will be up on our blog for you to view by this weekend.

Here is a quick click to check it out on our TPT store:  Let's Measure It-A Kindergarten Measurement Unit.

As promised we just added a March Madness Unit which is LOADED with math standards around a "basketball theme".   You will have to check out this new unit on our TPT store, too:  March Madness.

Almost finished in our American Symbols Unit.  My kids are having a blast with this unit.  My principal has come in twice this week as we have been working on our informational writing booklet during our journal/social studies time and he has learned a lot from my kids.  This unit will have some craft projects for the kids to complete, too!  

I guess you can say that SueBeth and I have been real busy since my husband and I moved our daughter to Georgia.  One of our robust vocabulary words this week is the word tidy.  I am trying to tidy up my room at school.  I don't know if anyone would notice that I am tidying it up, but I can tell!!   

Feb 17, 2013

Busy Week

Last week was a really busy week.  My husband, sister, and I took our daughter to Georgia for her internship.  At school, we put together our valentine bags and passed out our valentines.  On Valentine's Day we opened our cards, taped them into our Valentine Day Scrapbooks, and had punch/cookie for a snack.  We are also working hard on wrapping up our Walrus journals and began our American Symbols journal writing/booklets.  If all goes well with my plans, we should wrap these books up early next week.
SueBeth and I have been working hard today and wrapped up some units that should be up on TPT this week.  We wrapped up our Measurement Unit and are almost finished with our Dental Health and another "fun math unit".  I think my laminator at home was smokin' today!!
Here are some pictures of what we did last week: 

We have Presidents Day off with the kids, but we have teacher inservice.  Can't wait to hear our guest speaker in the afternoon, Roy Clark.  Have any of you read his books or had inservice with him.  I am pretty excited about this inservice~

Feb 13, 2013

Friday Is National Gumdrop Day

So many fun things planned for Valentine's day on Thursday.  However, SueBeth and I were talking that you can't forget that Friday, February 15 is National Gumdrop Day.  I am going to celebrate this day by using our Gumdrop Measurement activity with the kids.  This goes perfect with Gumdrop Day!  Check out this fun measurement activity on our TPT store:  Gumdrop Measurement for only $1.00.

We are almost finished with our Measurement Unit.  It will be up on TPT real soon.  It hits and extends all Measurement Standards for kindergarten.  My students have had a blast doing this unit and love measuring!


Feb 5, 2013

January Kindergarten Writing Samples

Each month our district requires us do a writing sample.  This year we are doing some opinion, narrative, and informative samples.  For the month of January, the kids did an informative paper.  They had to write about what they wear to go outside.  During these writings, I cannot offer help to the kids. They put up offices and they have to do their best work.
At the end of the year, our students have to score at least a 3 on our writing rubric to be considered "on target" for end of the year writing.
This year SueBeth has helped me design monthly packets that incorporate these different types of writings.  These packets are put together to be used as guided writing "sessions" and also for independent journal writing.  Check out our latest packet to help you with meeting the Writing Common Core Standards:  February Journal Topics For Kindergarten Level Guided Writing

Here are some samples of my January Writings using the writing rubric.  These go in their data binders, so that is why I have written some words above the "mispelled" words so that you know what they were writing.  This master copy goes in their data binder and I send home a copy to the parents with the writing rubric attached to the paper.

This writing received a 3++ on the writing rubric.  It was so close to a 4.  I just thought that he could still work on writing more sentences and not so many "ands".

Here is the 2nd page of his writing on what he would wear outside on a snowy day.
This student received a 2+.  I am soooooo proud of this student of the progress that has been made.  He has gone from a long string of letters to this writing!  I can't wait to see what he does the next few months.  I am very confident he will get at least a 3.

Here is the last page of the above student's writing.  I love how he has an ending or wrap up sentence to his writing!!

I am so proud of this student.  Even though he received a 0 on the writing rubric I can begin to see letters that are recognizable and beginning to see some spacing on the next page.

Here is the last page of his writing.  I see a lot of repetitive letters and he wasn't able to read his own writing.  He tried his best and was so proud of this writing!

This student received a 4++ on the writing rubric. He has a topic sentence of what he likes to wear outside.

You have got to love the word cozy that he uses at the end of this sentence.

You have gotta love the ending sentence to his writing, too.  I scored this one a 4++ just because of all the descriptive words that he uses in his 3 pages of describing what he would wear outside on a snowy day!
I scored this writing a 4.  She uses capitals/lowercase letters, leaves space, and uses many beginning/medial/and ending sounds to stretch out her words.

Gotta love where she says she has fluffy brown boots because she really does!  Also love her ending sentence of she loves to stay warm outside!

Well, I thought I would give you a little "taste" of different types of writing that I am seeing in my classroom.  Writing is one of my favorite things to do and I think the kids are really starting to gain confidence in what they are doing.  We do guided writing every day of the year in kindergarten. 

This week we are working hard on making informational books about walruses.  The kids just love writing "facts".  Today we got our facts from a book we read and watching a video on the internet.  They loved the video!

Feb 2, 2013

Super Bowl Sale

We are TEAMING UP with other TPT sellers and offering a SUPER BOWL sale on our TPT store.  Stop by our store to check out some of our fun projects.  Click here BUSY BEES for a direct link to our store. Don't forget to add the TPT code to get your total savings of $28% off our store.  
Thanks Ashley Hughes for the TPT sale "flier".

Here are some of our fun products to check out:
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Segmenting Packet originally 2.00
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