Mar 21, 2013

Project Based Learning and Teddy Bear Picnic

 Our kindergarten team has been organizing a project that will integrate all subject areas together in the next couple of weeks.  Here is what the plan is for our project.  The teachers chose 3 animals that were on the endangered species list:  See the World Wildlife Fund.  We chose a frog, octopus, and a sea turtle.  We had the kids vote on one of those animals that we would like to help save since it was on the endangered list.  Sea turtles won, so now let our project begin.  The kids will be doing some research by listening to nonfiction books.  We will then be writing facts about our sea turtles from the books that we read.  After we gain our facts, the kids will sell different color of "turtle water" to the rest of the school at lunch.  We are charging a $1.00 for each bottle of turtle water.  With the money we collect, we plan to put it towards helping out endangered sea turtles.  Some students will be making posters, some students will be writing facts/poems and reading them on the announcements each day, and all students will be involved with making the turtle water.  I think the students will have a blast with this fun project.

We plan on using some of our math skills such as adding, subtracting, and sorting to help with this project.  We will also be focusing on some of the common core science standards during this sea turtle study.

Tomorrow is our Teddy Bear Picnic.  The kids are so excited about this fun day!!  It is our last day of school before our Spring Break officially begins!  I think the teachers are just as excited about this day, too!!

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