Apr 17, 2013

Any Ideas For Kindergarten Parent Meeting In The Spring

We have a parent meeting coming up in about 3 weeks.  We were just trying to put together some new ideas for parents for basic information or readiness things to work on over the summer.  Any great ideas that your district does that you would recommend?  Thanks! 

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Laurie said...

Hi! I teach kindergarten in Virginia! My school is doing something different this year. We are pre-screening our kiddos early in hopes of getting the babies who need some extra help. Then we are putting together packets of letter/letter sound and beginning number sense skills to give to those parents in hopes that they will work with their kiddos before September. We are using a lot of ideas that we have found on Pinterest/blogs/our own brains to make the packets and got a grant from the PTA to purchase the materials needed. There is also the Ready Freddy- Pathways to Kindergarten Success program. This has a lot of great materials and calendar of ideas for parents. You may want to explore their website (readyfreddy.org). Lastly, we are writing a letter to ALL parents to give them ideas to work on : cutting, gluing, counting, reading, etc and some ideas of how to make it fun! Let me know if you have any questions!