Jun 23, 2013

Phase 1 Off The To Do List!!

I have been in my classroom working off and on this week.  I have been throwing things away, filing things that should have been filed a LOOOONNNGGGG time ago, and started thinking about what I wanted to do in the fall.  So, I am calling it phase 1 in my summer vacation.  

I have been running my Cricut machine like CRAZY lately.  Our teachers are our school have been working at decorating our building for some Leader In Me decorations.  So, I have been using vinyl and my good ol Cricut to make some lettering for the walls.
Since the Cricut has been on the kitchen floor since last weekend, I decided that I might as well put it to use with some new lettering that I am going to use for my classroom the upcoming school year.
I will be doing an OWL theme along with a T.E.A.M. theme this coming school year.  I will be focusing on Together Everyone Achieves More.  I plan to use this concept not only at school with us working together as a TEAM, but to use this concept with my parents at home.  

I have had so much fun designing things around this T.E.A.M theme.  I plan on using this theme for many years as I am going to be integrating our goals through this format.  

My poor husband, daughter, and dog have been "walking" around this the last week as I have been making some fun lettering.

Just a "beginning", or phase 1, of what I have put together for the 2013-2014 school year.

Phase 2 needs to begin REAL fast this week as my son is moving back to Ohio and we will be helping him do some work in the house he bought.  So, my goal is to get pretty much Phase 2 and 3 done in the next few days.  

I just love my summer schedule.  Stay up late, get up pretty early, work on school stuff, go to my sister's pool to enjoy the sun.  I LOVE SUMMER!! 

SueBeth and I will are working hard on finalizing some new things.  We are VERY close to getting some DIBELS units updated on our TPT store along with some fun NEW things.  Data Binder stuff should be finalized during my Phase 2 this week, too.  We should also have a 6 Traits Of Writing Packet ready to go!!

Hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am!! 


Mrs Stowe said...

Wow! Your site is amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I would never have found you. I am your newest follower. By the way what is a cricut?

with thanks
Julie :)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage
PS Sorry don't know how to link to my blog yet!

Mrs. Cole said...

I LOVE looking at the things you do to make your classroom inviting. I just posted some pictures of my new 5th grade room but will be posting more. It makes me a little sad to see all the cute kindergarten rooms. I already miss it!!!!!! But I'm excited about my new adventure. I'd love to still keep in touch but I told my WONDERFUL team teacher about you all last year. If you are interested, she may want to be pen pals and will probably do a better job of keeping up with it that I did. Your room looks AMAZING!!!!

Cole's Little Pups