Jun 14, 2013

Updating Data Binders...Almost There

The summer to do list has taken off both for at home and for school things.  We put many things on our summer school to do list and are beginning to cross some things off.  One item we put on our summer to do list was to update our Data Binders with some new items.  We are getting so close to wrapping up this new packet.  Here is a sneak peek:
Going with a T.E.A.M. theme this year with data binders so that I don't have to change it every year to match my theme I am doing in my classroom.  Our classroom theme this year is OWLS.
Having so much fun updating this packet.  We are adding new clipart, adding new data collection sheets, and hoping to produce a great product that will show lots of student learning and growth.
Once we are finished, we will definitely take pictures and let you all know when it is up on our TPT store!!

We are almost done with updating our Letter Naming Fluency and Initial Sound Fluency Packet packet.  If you have already purchased it on our TPT store, you are in luck cause it's going to have some great additional ideas.


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