Jul 29, 2013

6 Traits of Writing Goal Board 99.9% Done

Gotta laugh because this project has been setting on my kitchen table for the past almost 2 weeks.  I kept thinking that I was going to get it done last week, but it didn't happen.  SueBeth chuckles, but the true reason it is almost done is that my cleaning lady comes tomorrow morning at 8:00.  She comes every other week, but my family thinks it's crazy that I say we clean Sunday night for the cleaning lady to come on Monday.
I plan on using this board this year 2 different ways.  I plan on using it as a reference when I am working on the 6 Traits of Writing in large group, small group, or independently.  The second way I am using this board is to help students set goals for their own individual writing.  The library pockets are where I have put goal cards.  I am going to use these goal cards the following way:
Each student will have a writing folder.  I am going to have a clip on the front of this folder and that is where I am going to clip the goal card.  The goal will be chosen by the student and myself through a writing conference. If that goal is mastered, then we will put the goal card back into the library pocket, and discuss the next writing goal.  
Gotta love my husband who put hinges on pegboard for me so that I could fit everything on this 6 Traits of Writing Goal Board.

Almost complete.  I have to add just a couple more things to wrap it up.  Plan on taking it into school tomorrow so that I can finalize the project.

 Once I am 100% completed with this project, I will post pictures.  This new packet is on our TPT store: 6 Traits of Writing Posters and Individual Student Goal Cards.

Our son is FINALLY going to close on his house in a couple of days, so I have the push on for the next 2 days to get as much of my room completed that I can...so lots of pictures coming your way soon!


Mrs. Anderson said...

Your writing board turned out AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing it.
Connie Anderson:)
Welcome To First Grade Room 5

Jennifer Gibbons said...

I love this board! Handy husbands are awesome :) I love the goal setting aspect, too!

Teaching with Grace