Jul 8, 2013

First Sound Fluency Freebie, New Laminator, and Homework for 2013-2014 Off The To Do List

Getting a little panicked about it being July 8 already.  We start school in mid August, so I have been trying to crank out some new classroom things lately.  I told myself today that I need to get one thing done each day and then I can "play".  So here is my fun lately!!
If you have not had the chance to download your freebie from our TPT store, you need to head there to get a fun first sound fluency freebie.  Click here for the direct link: First Sound Fluency Freebie
Here is our First Sound Fluency on TPT.

My theme "inside" my room this year is T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More so here are my workmats that I copied, laminated, and are ready to go!!  My popcorn words are on the back of these for the kids to use each day.

These are the 6 different covers that I used for my homework booklets this year with the T.E.A.M. theme.  One of my BIGGEST celebrations this summer is that they are copied and done for the whole year!! 

This unit is done and on TPT.  Now I just need to put things together to show you how I will be using the 6 Traits of Writing in my kindergarten classroom this year. 

Some name tags that I will be using with the T.E.A.M. theme.

Going to wrap up the outside of my bulletin board today.  Here are some letters that I am working on with the OWL theme.

Check out the "mirrored" images on the pages...wow I don't know what happened.  This going to be my behavior poster chart for  this year of "What's Your Weather?" which goes with our 
Leader In Me items for our school.  Purchased a poster to put 
this into and will use my Behavior charts to go along with this "What's Your Weather?" theme.

Oh no...do I have another addiction??!!!  Purchased some ribbon at Hobby Lobby last week for 50% off to use to wrap up things on the inside and outside of my room. 

Just need to add goals to this chart along with some OWL dressing up.  This chart hangs outside my classroom door for the kids to help me on the first day of school to choose a class mission statement.  It is usually short and sweet.  I then type it up and put it here along with a class picture.

THANKS TO MY BINDING for sending me this new laminator!!  WOW it is a gem.  The other day I had 3 laminators going at one time on my kitchen table.  This laminator is wide and laminates things so AWESOME!!  I used some of MY Binding laminating pouches along with some "off" brand pouches and it worked wonderful!!  THANKS My Binding!!
Well, headed off to wrap up some more things on my to do list today. 


Mrs. Lindsey said...

Everything is so cute! You've been working hard! Love the freebie!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Pili said...

I love this freebie! Thanks for a great resource and for the decoration inspiration. I hope I can be as creative one day in my own classroom!

Glitter and Gradebooks

Rejane Balisi said...

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Blair Edwards said...

Trying to find a new homework sheet. Found your homework sheet that you said you completed on Pinterest. However can't seem to find it on your page. Could you email it to me by chance? barebare61204@yahoo.com

Mel said...

I have a team theme this year as well. Do you have any of these in your TPT store? Looks great!