Jul 26, 2013

Spray Paint Round 2 and TPT Sale Continues

I think I first must be honest before I show you all pictures.  I did spray paint all of these items a few weeks ago.  I left them out to dry and yep it rained.  So, I had to bring them back into our garage.  I wanted to jazz them up today, but I realized that I probably needed to add another spray paint round to them.  So, here is what I gave another round of spray painting to today.  
Going to add some kind of tape to my earphones to jazz them up!!

Some additional items from my room that needed touched up instead of buying new.

The lanterns are going to be used as part of a bridal shower we are doing this weekend. 

Additional things that I needed to spray paint to jazz up for the 2013-2014 school year.

This used to be white, but of course I needed it to match the rest of my TEAM theme.

Last group for today.  Now here is my challenge, I hope to post FINISHED pictures for you all tomorrow!!
So glad they don't monitor and have a spray paint addiction club!!  Because my husband would sign me up ASAP!!  He says I spray paint everything.  Anybody else like this?!?!

The product we are featuring today, even though all of our products are on sale, is our homework booklet.  I used this booklet last year and let me tell you a few things... after filling in the dates to correspond with my school calendar, I threw it on the top of the copier and created booklets for the entire year.  Yes, I did say the entire year!!  I surveyed my parents at the end of the year to see what they thought about it and the parents loved it.  It is based around the development progression of the DIBELS components.  I also have the students read a book to their parents.  They bring it home each night and I check it in the next day.

Front cover of my homework booklets. 

I ran them back to back for the entire year.  Since it is standing up, it actually looks a little thicker than it actually is.  Once the end of the week is over, Monday morning, I rip out the previous weeks homework and we are ready to go.  I check my kids in every day.

 Head on over to our TPT store to check out this product along with our additional products.
Homework Booklet For An Entire Year Integrating Dibels Practice originally $12.00 but on sale is $9.60.


Mrs. Anderson said...

What a great way to make old things look new again!
Connie Anderson:)
Welcome To First Grade Room 5

Busy Bees said...

The problem is once you spray paint one thing you keep on going!!