Aug 20, 2013

Flash Kids Giveaway Begins Today Choose Your Favorite Product

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Flash Kids to offer you a giveaway.  If you go to Flash Kids website, you can browse through and see some of the great products that they offer for various grade levels.  

We were asked to review kindergarten/first grade products.  Here are the products that we chose to review:

We chose Reading For the Gifted Student which is in the form of a workbook.  We thought that this product could be used by parents to help support a gifted child in the reading area.  The workbook presents many thought-provoking reading passages, stimulating questions, and critical-thinking activities.

Vocabulary for the Gifted Student was a second choice that we chose to review.  Again, this would be a great tool for parents to help stretch a gifted student with vocabulary.   This product introduces advanced learners to skills and concepts that will benefit them in the years to come. These workbooks teach challenging words in context through reading passages, as well as through critical thinking, writing, and drawing activities. 

Our last product we chose to review was Math for the Gifted Student.  This work book avoids practice drill pages and presents students with logic-based activities which provides that high level thinking skills that we are promoting at even the primary classrooms.  The advanced content is rich in problem solving and develops critical and creative thinking. The varied activities encourage your gifted learner to experience learning at an accelerated level. 

After reviewing these products, we feel that we now have a new resource that we can present to parents of gifted students.  Thanks Flash Kids for asking us to review your products!!

Now here is your chance to win a product from Flash Kids.  Here is all you will want to do:
1.  Go to Flash Kids' website:  Click Here:  Flash Kids
2.  Find your grade level 
3.  Search for different products that are offered at your grade level
4.  Once you have searched, you will need to find ONE product that you would love to win from Flash Kids.
5.  Leave us a comment of what product and grade level that you would love to win.
6.  Please make sure that you leave your name and email so that we can contact you if you win the giveaway. 

Our giveaway begins Tuesday, August 20 and will end on Friday, August 23 at midnight.  We will announce a winner on Saturday, August 24.  Good luck~


KNJ Kreations said...

4th Grade: Reading for the Gifted Student

KNJ Kreations

Michelle Jaquillard said...

What a fun little giveaway! I teach 1st grade and would love...Vocabulary for the Gifted Student.