Aug 8, 2013

Getting Closer

I have been in and out of my room the last few days.  I have either been at our son's new house helping him paint, at meetings for school, or in my classroom trying to wrap it up.  We don't start school until August 19, but I really want to try to be finished here real soon due to some school commitments the last week of vacation.
Here is some of what I worked on in my room prior to Thursday:

I actually sewed these on my sewing machine to wrap up a bulletin board.  Our school colors are blue and yellow.

Used my good old cricut to cut some polka dots for the trash can.

Painted my desk earlier this year, so of course I had to add some vinyl to my desk to jazz it up~
This is the bulletin board where I am going to put the pennants that I sewed.  Then going to put class goals that we achieve each month back in this area to reflect and keep "score" of goals that we have reached this school year.

I could not throw away the left over material from sewing my pennants, so I thought I needed to make myself a new curtain.  This is the back of the door which is on the inside of my classroom. 

Front of my door which is not completed yet.  I am adding to it each day!
This is our 6 Traits Writing Posters and Mini Individual Student Goal Cards packet on our TPT store for just $4.00.  Click here to find the direct link: 6 Traits Writing Posters and Mini Individual Student Goal Cards Packet

Worked hard on this bulletin board today and got it all finished.  This is what it looked like prior to wrapping it up.  I will post completed picture.

Used Chevron contact paper to decorate my big book stand.  I am thinking I need some kind of lettering for something in that large space.  Check back soon to see what I decide to do.
Used a little blue and yellow ribbon for my Kiss Your Brain chocolate container.

Blue and yellow birthday container where I am going to house my birthday treats.  I have OWL things purchased already for birthdays, I just need to finalize my treats.
 Another meeting tomorrow in the afternoon, but my plan is to work hard in my room during the morning so that I can wrap things up.  Hopefully I will be back to you soon with some more pictures of some more completed projects.


Miss DeCarbo said...

I love your theme! :)

Sugar and Spice

Busy Bees said...

Thanks~I thought it was one that I could keep up for a few years and build off of it each year.

April W said...

Your big book stand looks awesome! Covering it with the contact paper was a terrific idea.

Julie Stowe said...

Looking great and seems like you will be on target to finish your room off. Love your pennants and now I want to make some!!
Julie :-)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Amanda said...

I love your goal boards. The football theme is perfect. Very cute!

The Teaching Thief