Sep 15, 2013

2D Shapes Wrap Up, Apple Unit, and Custom Goal Boards

We have had a great time the last couple of weeks working on our 2D Shapes Unit.  The unit hits all Kindergarten Geometry Common Core Standards.  SueBeth and I created this unit last year and did not have to add any new things on for this year.  If you would like a fun 2D Shape Unit, then head on over to our TPT store and snatch up this unit.  After I finish up my 2D Shape Unit this week, I will head into our Apple Theme Math Unit.

 Flat Shape 2D Unit Can be found on our TPT by clicking this direct link:  Flat Shape 2D Unit on TPT.  Great buy for meeting all of your common core kindergarten geometry flat shape standards for only $8.00

Apple Themed Math Centers can be found on our TPT store by clicking this link:  TPT Apple Themed Math Centers. A great buy for $3.50.

As part of our Marzano expectations and evaluations, we are expected to have goals posted in our classroom.  So, over the summer SueBeth and I designed my goal board with a TEAM theme.  We had several people ask if we could do a custom design for them, and the answer is YES.  Teachers have been emailing us the specific goals that they want created and we are plugging them into their theme.  I did NOT create my goals with every common core standard.  I chose the main ones that are on my grade card so that the kids/parents are very familiar with these goals.  Send us an email if you are interested in us creating this EVIDENCE/Goal board for you!!


Maryann said...

Wow! You two have been bery busy. I would love to see the inside of the binders and what types of data you are collecting. Any chance these would be for sale on TPT? I usually have a binder for assessments on the children for many of the skills we teach. Also, are continuing to send home your binder for each child every night. I started and it seems to be going well. Thanks for the great ideas onyour blog!

Tracey Callari said...

Wow! What a great resource! I'm loving math with my students! I've been using some of these creative writing tools for my math unit:

Love this blog as a great resource!