Sep 5, 2013

Student Learning Objectives(SLO's) and Marzano Evaluations Evidence Binders DONE!!

Sorry that it has been awhile since we have posted.  Both SueBeth and I were part of our district's SLO writing and presenting to kindergarten and second grade teachers.  So, we were very busy with preparing for these presentations along with school beginning at the same time.  The best CELEBRATION is that we both survived and feel that our district is definitely headed in the right direction.
For kindergarten, our SLO's are great because they are things that we have been doing for several years.  We chose one reading, one writing, and one math SLO for kindergarten.  We are going to use our DIBELS scores, a Kindergarten Math Screener, and our state's writing prompt.  
Our district also uses the Marzano Teacher Evaluation.  So, what I have also been doing lately is buying binders so that I can organize all of my data that will need to be collected for my SLO's and Evaluations.  
It's such a great feeling to have it all done and now all I have to do is insert things into my binders in the designated tabs.  
Here are what my binders look like:

 And the best part, there are even some more of these that I have already taken to school.  SueBeth and I worked together making different binder covers and spine covers to add a little "pizzazz" to the binders.
I have lots of pictures to share of fun learning going on in my classroom.  Stay tuned for pictures this weekend!! 
What do your SLO kindergarten assessments look like?  How are you organizing your evidence collections?!?! 


Anonymous said...

I teach 1st and we have to work on our SLO's next week during a professional day. We will also be giving the STAR test's next week. Your blog gave me some ideas. We are all nervous with these being tied into 50% of our OTES evaluations.

Maria Eshman said...

I'd love to hear about your writing SLO. I am a first grade writing only teacher. So... that means that all my other teammates have vendor assessments and I'm stuck with writing 2 SLO's for writing. :) I'm using our Screener to help me write one, but I'm still trying to decide on the other. Any ideas?????

Looking forward to all your sharing!


Sara said...

I could also use some more ideas.

Busy Bees said...

We will be posting some ideas within the next week.

Anonymous said...

Our school district in PA is just starting to make us do SLOs is there any way you could post yours as an example? Thanks so much!