Oct 8, 2013

Conferences ALMOST Done!!

Love, love, love the fact that our district supports us doing conferences early in the year to communicate with the parents.  Our 9 weeks is over in 2 weeks.  There are sooooo many advantages of doing it this early in the year.  I will have to say that I have had a discussion about practicing DIBELS components with every parent.  My homework booklet is based around the DIBELS components.  We have been in school for 35 days and my parents have already helped to practice letter naming fluency and first sound fluency.  It was so rewarding for me to talk with parents and know that they totally understood the goals for these 2 Dibels components for the end of the year.  
If you are looking for some practice/progress monitoring tools to use with your class, check out our TPT store with all of our DIBELS products:
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Apple Centers are almost done.  We have been working hard on counting and cardinality.  We have worked on numbers 0-10 and 0-20 for those students who are ready for these numbers.  I will have to say that the students are having a blast with these centers.  Apple Themed Math Centers for $3.50 Great unit for strengthening their numbers.

Working hard on identifying our numbers.  This group was working on teen numbers.

This group was working on identifying numbers including some teen numbers.

Working on numbers 0-10 through spinners and a graphing paper.

Discussing with her partner which number she has the most of so far in the game.


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Julie Stowe said...

Love seeing Little Learners busy at centres. Glad your conference appraoach has been a success. I would like to hear more about this!
Julie :)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage