Oct 13, 2013

Grade Cards, TPT Sale, Wedding, and Progress Monitoring Evidence

This week will be kind of crazy for me.  I just wrapped up my conferences last week and this week is the end of the 9 weeks which means grade card time.  Lucky for me, it should not take me that long to wrap up my grade cards.  Ours are on the computer and it's so nice that my daughter will help punch them in as I look at the checklists!! 

My son is getting married this coming Saturday and my sister, daughter, and I do wedding decorations, so we are going to be QUITE busy this week.  They are planning on 350 people which means lots of table decorations.  I did take Friday off, but as you are aware it is taking me a little while to plan to be out on Friday.

As I was into school yesterday cleaning up and planning for this week.  I wrapped up some of my progress monitoring data.  I also filed it into my kids' Data Binder booklets that I shared at conferences last week.  What a powerful tool to use and for parents to see their child's progress.  

Our TPT store is on sale through Monday of this week.  Everything is 20% off and of course you can use the additional 10% TPT code of FB100K.  

Headed in to school later tonight and I will post pictures of Data Binders and My Personal Evidence Binders to my evaluation this year!! 


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