Nov 12, 2013

3D Shape Unit and Sorting

Last week I wrapped up our 3D shape unit.  This week we have been working hard on sorting.  I wanted to make sure that the students still worked hard on their 3D Shape names, so I threw many 3D Shape items into centers this week.  The students are having a blast with these fun activities and at the same time, they are reviewing standards that we worked hard on during our big 3D unit.
Here are some pictures of just a few of our 3D shape activities:

 Sorting is our main focus this week.  We have pulled out TONS of math manipulatives.  The students started out sorting things by color.  Many did blue and not blue, yellow and not yellow, or blue/red/green/yellow/orange/etc.  Today we expanded our sorting beyond colors.  I challenge the students to think of other ways that you could sort the items at their table.  One table had different types of vehicles that we used for sorting.  A student at that table put all of the fire trucks/buses/cars in one pile and said these all travel on the ground.  Then in another pile they put airplanes and said these travel up in the sky.  For the last pile, they put boats and said they travel in the water!!  I told her that in all my years of teaching with these counters, I never had a student who sorted the vehicles that way!! 


Kourtney Payton said...

Would love to know where you got those spinners at. I use a paper fastener and a paper clip but sometimes it falls off!


Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

On My Feet All Day said...

Great stuff for a classroom. Got to keep up with those clever kids!