Nov 16, 2013

Sorting Contiunes and Poem Booklets

I am kind of sad that our sorting unit is coming to an end this coming week.  We have had so much fun sorting.  Yes, I did say we.  My job is to find things for them to sort each day.  The "game" we are playing is that they try to sort their objects in a way that Mrs. Drerup has never seen or thought of before in all of her years of teaching.  I will have to say they have definitely challenged their little brains to try to add their name to the "you met the challenge" list!! 
Pom pom sorting one day

Lego sorting another day

Block sorting

More block sorting

Vehicle sorting

The kids just love learning poems each month.  At the end of the day, this is a great "time filler" when we have a couple of minutes before the bell rings.  They love requesting poems from previous months.  They love when we get out our poem booklets and do some word work in our poems.  We have our poems on our SMARTBoard morning meeting slides to practice each morning, but they love chanting these throughout the day.  If you are needing some great poems that are kindergarten friendly check out our Poem Booklets on TPT called Poem and Song Collection For An Entire Year.  They are ready for you to just pop into the copier and make booklets or you can use them other ways in your classroom. 

This past week was my birthday.  Does my family know me or what?!?!  I had a Diet Coke cake waiting for me when I got home after school.  Then a bag of Target popcorn and Target gift card from my kids was also beside my Diet Coke cake.  Guess my own children know their momma's addictions and how to keep her happy!!

Fun activities this week planned for wrapping up our Thanksgiving Present and Past Unit.  Watch for some freebies this week, too on our TPT store.

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