Dec 2, 2013

Christmas Units and Presenting at Ohio's Kindergarten Conference

I brought home my Christmas units over Thanksgiving break.  It takes up a couple of large rubbermaid embarrassing is that!?!?!  Even with that said, I told SueBeth that I still needed some new things to match some of the standards better.  So, we created a new unit surrounded around the Counting and Cardinality standards.  It's called Christmas Counting Centers Missing Numbers, Counting On, and Making 10.   on sale right now for $2.40. 
There are at least 5 different centers in which 2 of the centers we have given additional worksheet opportunities so that you can differentiate to help all learners.

Tonight I copied and laminated these centers and they are ready to go for Tuesday!!  My kids are going to be excited.  
Here is a sneak peek of the centers:
I copied, laminated, and cut out these fun center games tonight for some of my counting and cardinality center games.
Our other exciting news...back later this summer SueBeth and I were contacted to present at the Second Grade and Kindergarten Ohio conferences.  Since SueBeth retired in May, she decided that she would help me present for the Ohio Kindergarten Conference in January.  We are presenting our Monthly Math journals and ways to use them in the classroom to challenge all levels of learners.  We will also be sharing data binder ideas so that you can show monthly growth in different math areas.  

I have been collecting all levels of learners math journals since September to share at the conference.  We will also have some videos of my classroom and how the kids solve and present their math journals each day.  The BEST thing about these journals is that you pop them in the copier, staple them, and all 20 days worth for the month are ready to go.  There is no cutting, gluing, etc.  These journal entries have been designed around the common core math standards.  So, if you have not yet tried them, you might want to snatch up a December or January one to see how to use these powerful problem solving journals in your classroom.  We use pictures, words, and numbers to represent our problems.  Here is a direct link to some of the monthly journals.  
December Math Journal is on sale right now for $1.60 
January Math Journal for $1.60

If you use your TPT code of CYBER you will get an additional 10% off.  This is a great time to grab some monthly journals.  We have one for each month.  Check them out on our TPT store.


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