Dec 7, 2013

Snowman Christmas Ornament Freebie and Winter Fest

Gotta say that I am celebrating the fact that I have my ornaments that the kids make for their parents done, wrapped, and sent home!  Each year we make those adorable snowman ornaments that you make with your hands, sharpie markers, and a snowman bag that the kids create.  The cute little snowman ornament tag has the be changed each year to say the date, so if you are making these and want the ornament tag, head on over to our TPT store and save yourself some time Snowman Tag.  We have included the snowman ornament poem, a tag if you wrap yours and the kids need to address who it is to and from.
Here is the wrapped snowman ornament.  The students made this snowman bag, used batting to help protect the glass bulb inside the bag, and wrote the tag on the front of the bag.

Snowman bulb along with 2013 snowman poem to go along with the bulb.

Our PTO has a winter fest and it was just held on Friday night.  Teachers were encourage to create something that would be donated for parents to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win some of the donated items.  My daughter, who happens to be blessed with creativity, created this Christmas Cheer wreath for me to donate.  We also created the Reindeer Root Beer to go along with the Christmas cheer theme.  
Reindeer food and lots of fun Christmas crafts and centers are up for the next week at school.  Watch for some fun pictures on these events, too. 
I personally think this wreath looks pretty good on my backdoor, so I am thinking she might just have to make me one!

So easy to make and the kids loved them!


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