Feb 11, 2014

2 Of A Kind A Collection Of Games And Activities For Teaching Common Core Math

This week my main focus is teaching decomposing and composing of numbers 11-19.  In just 2 days, my kids have totally surprised me by understanding composing and decomposing numbers.  We pull out our base ten and ones blocks, our white boards/markers/erasers, and we work hard on making application of numbers.  After our large group work the last 2 days, I am going to set them loose tomorrow on some new centers that SueBeth and I created.  I can't wait to show them because anytime I mention I have a new game for them they get excited. 
This new center packet (click here for a direct link), 2 Of A Kind: A Collection of Games and Activities For Teaching Common Core Math will definitely get you through some of those "harder" standards that are probably left to teach.  This packet supports the practice of making ten, composing and decomposing numbers, adding and subtracting, comparing numbers and more. These activities can be used in large group lessons as well as with small groups, partners, individuals, and in centers.  Great ideas on how to differentiate the activities, too for all types of learners in your classroom.  You can choose to use the activities with provided differentiated worksheets for students.
If you want to check out this new product, head on over to our TPT store where we have just posted this unit.  More pictures will come of this fun game unit.  Here is what my kids will be focusing on for tomorrow of working on composing and decomposing:

 Our 100th day was a blast.  Unfortunately we were delayed for 2 hours that day, but my kiddos loved our activities.  Well, we are still doing activities each day to help us with different concepts of 100.  One of their highlights was at the end of the day when they got to enjoy their 100th day snack.

We were dressed up like we were 100 years old.  Definitely was a day that they will remember...

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