Feb 18, 2014

Valentine's Day, 100th Day, and Snow Days

WOW!  This year we have had so many delays and cancellations that it is getting kind of hard to get into a routine.  We are off again today which is our 8th snow day this year and we have had TONS of delays.
I am taking advantage of this snow day by getting caught up on my memory books.  The only problem is we are on a level 2 and I can't go pick up the pictures I just printed and run my monthly cover pages.  It should be a level 1 real soon and I promise I will post pictures of what I got accomplished today on my memory books.
February brought some great fun for us so far though in our class.  We celebrated Valentine's day, 100th day, and President's day.  Here are a few pictures of our special day!!

I think the smile on his face tells it all on his excitement of getting to open up his valentines and taping them into his first Valentine Scrapbook.

Had to do a side view of our George Washington hats to celebrate President's day.  On the other side of the hat it said our first president.  The back white piece represents his hair.  They loved making these hats.  Our country unit should be completed by the end of this week and we are hoping to get it up on our TPT store as a unit.

So much fun on 100th day.  It was a 2 hour delay, but we were not going to let that stop all of our fun.  I finally had to pack some things away for next year's class because we need to head on to other topics.
 The kids loved these pictures that I took with my aging app.  They thought it was hilarious.  I am definitely putting these into their kindergarten scrapbooks beside the picture that I took of them being 5/6 to create this aging photo.

This week at school we are working on composing/decomposing, and adding within 5.  We will be posting pictures along with some freebies on our TPT store. 


Jennifer White said...

SO cute!
First Grade Blue Skies

Kimberly J Post said...

Where did you get your pattern for the 100th day hats.